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Sissy-shaming works. From a reader, an update on CH’s Lesser Beta of the Month:

You must really have done a number on that AndrewHuthFruit™! He completely privatised his Facebook, restricted comments on his instagram, and took down his photoblog! One incisive flick of the CH shiv was enough for this cowardly fucker to completely turtle! Well done.

Good. That was the goal. Another mewling mangina trawling for online attention from bitter feminists falls to the Shaming Shiv.

What I DESPISE to my very being are Agents of Ugliness, Messengers of Mutation, Heralds of Hideousness. And Lords of Lies. If a loser accepts the truth of his low station in life and works to improve him or herself, I salute them. I encourage their efforts. But losers who lie that their loserdom is normal, even exceptional, and that their betters should bow and scrape before the ugliness they want to visit on the world, well…they get the shiv.

Male feminists are a loser subspecies. They spread lies about the sexes, and their grotesque rhetoric defying the natural order gives succor to spiteful cunts and gutless worms, who then spread the lies to innocents like a viral infection, lethal to those of weak will. Meanwhile, the onslaught of ugliness, weaponized by a complicit Gaystream Media and attention whoring accelerants like Faceborg and Instawhore, cows the remnant believers in Beauty, until the mutants have occupied the public consciousness, screeching their Pyrrhic victory over common sense and dignity.

Yeah fuck dat noize. The Chateau stands athwart the Disfigurement Delegation, smirking “lol suck a dick, freaks”. I don’t care if this blog is the last outpost of Beauty in the world, the message will be sent to the Fuggernaut in the teeth of active technopoly suppression of realtalkers that there is no safe space for them as long as the Shiv of Plain Speaking is free to unsheathe. The front lines are everywhere.

So to the Andrew Huths of the Mutant Mafia, I say good riddance. Your social media helicopter ride was the necessary sacrifice to discourage the others who might have similar urges to traffic in civilization-wrecking and romance-killing lies. The seep of your stank is turned back at the gates of this humble abode.


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