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Psychocreep Hillary

Julian Assange notices the same thing about hillary clinton that I’ve noticed for a long time: she’s a psychopathic creep. But the gaystream media has done a great PR job hiding and massaging the demonic nature of thecunt’s personality.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed in the post-Clown World world on the way very soon now, that thecunt really did order the targeted killings of family and political opponents. When thecunt dies, Satan will hire the gaystream media as a spin doctor to stop her from making him look good.

This face, fam…

…is what greets you on a stick at the end of Doom, or in the previously unpublished version of Dante’s Tenth Circle of Hell. (Imagine that feel when you defeat the Prince of Darkness only to be ushered into a deeper supernatural plane of evil to face the Real Antichrist, and she’s wearing a “nasty woman” t-shirt.)

Speaking of Satan (and not unrelated to the HOT topic of this post), meet the latest virtue sniveling shitlib intervention to teach your children well:

From @Aquinas:

This was story time at Long Beach Public Library yesterday. Funded by tax payers, to normalize your children to satanism and sodomy.

Always part of the plan.

I heard a chirpy cunt on one of the shitlib radio news shows earnestly trying to normalize this level of kiddie abuse degeneracy agitprop. “The kids know it’s fun and laugh along with it! how can you deny a child happiness?”

Kids will nervously laugh at a lot of disgusting shit, that doesn’t mean you help them wallow in it you dumb bish. I dunno call me old school, but opening a portal to satanic tranny freaks to read little kids anti-natural order propaganda about two million genders and zero races is the sort of cultural regress that in a saner time would provoke a full body politic immune reaction. For now, everyone throws up their arms and sighs heavily. For now.


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