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Younger Mother, Bigger Family

If you want three kids the natural way, you had better start by knocking up a woman no older than 23. Younger, hotter, tighter, and now with more residual reproductive value! (h/t chris)

If you know how many children you’d like, and whether or not you would consider, or could afford, IVF, a computer model can suggest when to start trying for your first child.

Happy with just one? The model recommends [women] get started by age 32 to have a 90 per cent chance of realising [their] dream without IVF. A brood of three would mean starting by age 23 to have the same chance of success. Wait until 35 and the odds are 50:50 (see “When to get started”).

There’s a cautionary statement at the end of the article that I think worth reposting for all man-hating bitterbitch femcunts who so desperately wish the God of Biomechanics would treat men and women the exact same way.

The information captured in the fertility model is extremely important to have out there. There’s been a lot of publicity recently about the decline in fertility with age – not all of it well informed. This is such an emotionally charged subject with such fundamental consequences, we need to get the message right.

In June, for example, one scientist suggested that women who haven’t started a family by the age of 35 should freeze their eggs. But this doesn’t guarantee a family – eggs don’t always freeze well, and you need to freeze quite a few to give yourself reliable insurance.

It’s also been suggested that all men should have their sperm frozen at the age of 18. That’s even more ludicrous, because while male fertility falls with age, the effects don’t kick in until the late forties.

The biggest Darwinian difference between men and women? Women run out of eggs, men don’t run out of sperm.

Young people today expect to have complete control over their life. The messages about unwanted pregnancy are clear – you can control that with contraception. But when it comes to getting pregnant things are less clear. For most people, it’s not as simple as coming off the pill.

The Pill has distorted the thinking of many urban shitlib women, not to mention corrupted their femininity. The ability to perceptibly sever the connection between womb and vagina has metamorphosed in women an aggrocunt personality and sleazy sexual voraciousness that doesn’t sit well with their sex.

It is our duty to educate people about the decline in fertility with age. There is also a case for providing fertility checks to couples. At the moment, such tests aren’t widely available to healthy people, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be.

Couples need support so they can start their families early. Women who have children in their 20s are more likely to achieve their desired family size but can also expect lower lifetime earnings than women who start later.

Careergrrls who can’t abide this trade-off will simply see their genetic lineage disappear from the face of the earth. The lower earnings of more feminine, mothering women will be made up in their ability to attract more masculine male providers who are aroused by vulnerable women.

We need to ensure women aren’t disadvantaged at work, and sort the lack of childcare facilities so we can enable young couples to establish their careers and families at the same time.

This is an impossible task. You either have a fertile society, or you have a lawyercunt careergrrl society. Any attempt to reconcile the two on a large scale will end in massive debt overhang and gradual social decay. Western shitlib Whites are gonna have to learn this lesson or take their insipid equalism ideology with them to the darwinian dustbin of discarded DNA.

And there are sexual market disruptors coming that will make the Pill and abortion seem like piker stuff. Just remember, when the sexbot revolution emerges like a kraken from the depths of the robot AI-fake skin-so-soft tech atlantis and sets off the final solution for all of humanity, CH was among the first to warn you.

Gabber @cleisthenes writes that a TradLass revolution is inevitable,

Between trans women dominating their sports and sexdolls (I assume childbearing ones will be a thing eventually) women are going to move to hard Trad positions over the next 50 years. Will be their only option.

A plausible case can be made that social forces now in motion will birth a TradLass reaction the likes of which haunt feminists’ nightmares. It’s not just tranny normalization, the Pill, and sexbots contributing to a potentially society-wide backlass. Assuming current disparate fertility rates between lib and con women continue on the same trajectory, there won’t be many rootless deracinated White women left to bitch about the patriarchy. The gene pool of the future will shimmer with tradly luminescence, and that more than anything will alter the direction of “progress”.


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