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The hounding of Andrew Anglin from impolite internet company is a case study in the reflexive desperation of an elite losing the citizenry’s confidence in them to remain arbiters of culture and conversation. The mass purges of Real-Right websites over the last few weeks by domain registrars and social media technopolies is illegal, and evidence of fear. No one in power overreaches that badly and impulsively unless they have felt the first shiver of fear that an enemy at the gates inspires.

Why was @AndrewAnglin unpersoned? Why was the sum total of the leftoid fuggernaut’s firepower aimed at chasing Andrew Anglin off the internet?

It’s not offensive memes. Our DNS kkkommissars permit much worse than the c’ville fatty joke.

It’s not fighting racism. Racist nonwhites are given free rein by all the SJW thothouses of shitlib boilerplate.

It’s symbolism. A prize target is chosen for elimination as a demonstration of the elite’s power. The objective is intimidation of others who may similarly deign to fight the entrenched power of our corrupt and evil ruling class.

The Anglin Affair’s purpose is to fill your head with one question: Are you next?

Gabber @jackmckrack writes,

that’s why Based Stick Man, etc. TERRIFY them and it’s why they’ve cracked down on these guys and the Alt-Right in general. a non-cuck, potentially violent and vengeful opposition is completely foreign to them and makes them absolutely shit their pants.

The soft coddled elite want passive consumers of their poz. They don’t want fighters. A fighter inspires allies. A fighter squaring off against insurmountable odds can inspire an army to his side.

Gabber @mjag on the subject,

Anglin/TDS disrupted the gaystream C’ville narrative more than anyone else; instead of whining about a false flag (which it probably was), he simply mocked it and desensitized parts of the public using the left’s own normalization strategy. That’s why the reaction reeks of extreme desperation.

That’s a legit point. The Anti-White Left’s strategy has been very successful for them over the last sixty years, and this is why they fear and loathe any foe who co-opts their strategy — they know it can work against them as well as it has worked for them. Thus, their insane defiance of American values, social norms, and First Amendment legal precedent in the commission of commandeering every node on the internet to silence their alt-opposition. Maybe they get away with it, maybe they don’t, but in their twisted calculus, groomed from decades sitting plushly at the top of institutional power centers, the first biting wind of blowback scared them so badly they lashed out like a stuck pig.

Currently, there’s a lot of in-fighting among alt-right factions. This is exactly how the leftoid ruling technoborg wanted it to go; a few targeted SHUT IT DOWNs of alt-accounts and the survival instinct of the remaining alt-righters who still have their platforms to speak kicks in, leading them to vociferous denunciations and ostracism of “bad” crimethinkers from “good” crimethinkers. The rebel alliance is fractured, the Empire can continue its globohomo project unhindered.

Haidt identified purity as a moral dimension that righties score much higher on than do lefties, perhaps explaining why the Right gets bogged down with in-fighting. Maybe readers have noticed I tend to stay away from internecine slap fights. Perspective in everything. Eyes on the prime enemy. My instinct, when faced with a seemingly indomitable enemy of boundless malevolence for me and my kind, is to praise potential allies when they deserve my praise, and to ignore or chide them in good cheer when they stray too far off the realtalk reservation. But never will I rage at them with the passion I save for my true enemy, Anti-White Leftoid Equalism. Excusing one’s worst enemy while disingenuously railing against one’s occasionally intemperate allies is the way of the cuck. Do leftoids ever do this with their zealots? No. The Right could learn a thing or two from the Left.

For this reason, I support Anglin despite my stylistic differences with him, and believe that his censors should be hauled before court to answer for their egregious violation of the First Amendment.


PS Here’s the Z-Man on “killing chickens”.


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