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Trump’s Compliance Game

Donald Trump has Game. It’s a contributing factor to his improbable ascension to the White House. His message coupled with his charisma won the hearts of many Americans.

Trump’s command of core Game techniques is a marvel to behold. He reframes, he plows through resistance, he agrees & amplifies, he disqualifies, he assumes the sale. He’s a master seducer, of women and of voters, even of those who would not normally be his natural constituency. In this video, you’ll watch Trump deliver an excellent example of “Compliance Game” on a black dude who doesn’t at first seem too pleased with Trump. Skip to 4:20 for the relevant bantz.

The black guy complains about something and Trump listens, asks him to point out whomever it is the black guy is mentioning as part of his complaint, and then Trump tells him to “bring those people over here”, after which the black guy says “yes, sir” with enthusiasm and trots off to do the President a solid.

You’ll like a person for whom you do a favor more than you’ll like a person who does a favor for you. This is the Personal Investment Halo Effect that Game cleverly exploits to help men seduce women who might otherwise be out of their league.

The purpose of compliance testing is to gauge interest and, more powerfully, to increase interest through manipulating the perception of investment. If a person complies with your request, he or she will feel like they’ve invested something of themselves in you and your well-being, and thus will perceive you having high value or moral worth, because why else would they do something for you? Trump gets this aspect of human nature, and you can see it in action in the above video as he easily mingles among the “commoners” despised by our insular, credentially inbred elites, who have to take classes to learn how to communicate with them in the robotic patois that defined Hillary Clinton’s interactions with the rabble.

The triggering irony is that our first implicitly white nationalist president is more comfortable jiving with regular black folks than our first half-black oval office squatter Gay Mulatto ever was. Will the leftoid media accurately report this reality? HA.

FYI this is why I have always contended that obama wan’t our first black prez. He was our first SWPL president. A president for effete craft brew sipping urbane shitlib whites with zero muscle tone….because he IS one of them. Obama is exhibit A in the thesis that race is more than skin color…..race goes to the bone. And obama’s bone-deep race pilfered a lot of DNA from his megamandibled single white mama who was virtue sniveling before it was a thing.


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