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Valhalla Lost

Do not adjust your screen. What you see below is an actual leaflet given to newly arrived Dirt World colonizers in Sweden. (via)

Similar pamphlets advising swarthy invaders how to find, meet, attract, and impregnate the local ladies have been handed out in Germany.

Is there some glitch in the soul of White man that convinces him, once he has created an earthly paradise for himself and his posterity, to then give away the fruits of his labor and imagination to ingrate locust swarms who will consume his creation and then his lineage in an orgy of primal gluttony and spite?

Houellebecq is a living prophet. And do I not bleed if I am denied a preen? I too have been warning for some time the feminized corruption that haunts the heart of Western man. Well here we are. All that’s left is to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the West’s crumble into District 9 decay.

I blame wide-faced sociopathic low E cat lady hags. Hillary Clinton and Mutter-less Merkel are members of the species. It’s the Kuntocracy of Post-Menopausal Pussyhatters who heedlessly clamor for their dusty muffs, or its psychological equivalent, to get pounded out by the migrant vanguard of the Caliphate. These dumbfuck biddies and their gay mangina enablers tossing Western Civ overboard for a Fake Romance with a swarthswarm soldier will be the death of the West if they aren’t stopped.


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