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CNN Is Fake News

This CNN meme-themed video is one of the best I’ve watched. A ton of visual gags are slipped in. Keep an eye out for Wolf Blitzer’s great shame.

CNN is a travesty of lies and agitprop. But that sick malevolent channel is still blared in doctors’ offices and airports everywhere in America. If you have some gumption left in ya, make it a point to change the channel, even when others are watching. At the doctor, demand that the station be changed (it’s making you more ill than when you arrived, and you don’t want to have to sue the doc for negligence). Pressure Globohomo conglomerates to drop CNN from their TV feeds.

Word on the street is that the Trump insurgency sent orders from the top to the heads of all departments and agencies, and now all government public access TVs have switched from CNN to the Playboy Channel (is that still around?).

It’s this kind of atomic wedgie culture warring that I just can’t love enough! Viva Trump!


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