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COTW is awarded to chris, one of my favorite commenters.

why reason, words and facts does not work on the left.

if a hookworm could talk, do you think you could ever reason it out of infesting your intestinal track and feeding off your body? or would the hookworm always somehow find a way to argue that it’s actions are virtuous or righteous and that it is a victim and not you?

a parasite will never agree to not being a parasite because that is how it lives. not being a parasite will end it. thus you can never reason one into not being a parasite.

this is the left. they are the hookworm of society. burying itself further and further in, all the while exclaiming it is the victim as it feeds on its host.

The parasites of the Leftoid Equalist petri dish will only be defeated by weaponized emotions. That means, in practice, relentless mockery of their hypocrisy and delusions, and personal attacks on their grotesque phsyiognomies. The bullies who dished out pain to lefty freaks were right. They were always right. If the weak and degenerate aren’t occasionally reminded of their weakness and degeneracy with public shamings, they get uppity. And uppity neomaxizimdweebies with too much power are a bloodsucking blight on civilized society.

In the war to subvert and discredit a decaying culture overrun by leftoids, your realtalk logic and reason should serve to support your psy ops shivs, not the other way around.


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