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Defining Zero Fucks Given

manwhosithursday has taken a stab at psychologically defining that ineffable alpha male attitude — Zero Fucks Given — that is so incredibly alluring to women. Note: B5 is shorthand for the Big Five Personality Factors, which includes the primary traits Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

FYI, there’s a more recent personality inventory called HEXACO that incorporates an “Honesty-Humility” factor as well as the Dark Triad. Proponents claim HEXACO is a more thorough personality assessment that accommodates the discovery by researchers of the Dark Triad in 2002. The Dark Triad has a long and illustrious history here at the Chateau as handmaiden to Game-savvy womanizers.

The personality factor most associated with male attractiveness is B5 Extraversion. This is the optimism/confidence factor.

Overconfidence is the heart of Game.
Boldness is the muscle of Game.

Zero Fucks Given, analyzed in terms of personality, is composed of the following:

Low B5 Conscientiousness – you don’t care about consequences
Low B5 Agreeableness – you don’t care about people
Low B5 Neuroticism – you don’t care about pain

Add it all up and you get the charming jerkboy (channeled through his avatar, Birthday Cat).

Extraversion and Conscientiousness do not have significant sex differences, though there are some differences on subfactors.

Men are significantly lower in Agreeableness and slightly lower in Neuroticism.

Psychopathy/the Dark Triad are really just low Agreeableness/low Conscientiousness. This can mimic Extraversion, because you literally don’t give a fuck.

These ZFG traits aren’t exactly conducive to maintaining civilized society (though they may be essential to building a civilized society from the dirt up). So why are women drawn to ZFG men? It’s that ape part of their brains, the part that has a direct pipeline to their vaginas….ZFG men trip all sorts of hunter-gatherer proto-human wires that once ago, and still do, assure a woman that her chance of survival is increased and the fitness of her potential offspring maximized if she jackhammers up with the kind of man who can handle pain, can amass beau coup resources, and can take high-flying risks for great rewards. Whether this is good for civilization is beside the point from a Darwinian calculus.

ZFG also boosts a man’s mating success because it gives him a boldness, nearing recklessness, that enables him to slash and burn his way through female shit tests, AMOGing betabitches, and (sorry tradcons) disapproving parents. This can backfire, of course, which may be why the trait is so attractive to women…what worth a man who hasn’t proven he can stare at his own expendability and laugh in its face?

ZFG men go by other terms which will be familiar to CH guests: the outcome independent man, the challenging man, the asshole, the jerk, the natural, the “he just has a way with women” man. Women have been molded by their ancestresses’ experiences to evolve into the sort of women who love, TRULY DEEPLY MADLY, a certain kind of man. That irresistible man is the one who is, or seems, loved by many women. And ZFG is the male attitude that radiates the inner peace and smug self-satisfaction — two emotional characteristics in men women rarely miss joyously recognizing — which comes from knowing one has limitless sexual market options in female company.

If your B5 profile is more Beta Five than Big Swinging Dick Five, I suggest you get to work on a deliberate self-improvement program to become less conscientious, less agreeable, and less neurotic. Take baby psychopath steps (stop short of torturing cats). You won’t make wholesale changes to your personality (fighting your genes is like swimming upstream; you can get a ways very slowly but it’ll tire you out and as soon as you stop thrashing you’ll float downstream), but you CAN make alterations at the margins of your personality, and in the zero-sum, scarce-hummer sexual market a small boost in your masculine charisma can mean the difference between fapping to Kurt Eichenwald’s anime porn collection and fucking a real life woman unrendered into 2D nerdspace.


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