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June 13, 2017 by CH

A reader dug up an old CH anti-flake tactic and wished to express his gratitude for a successful reversal.

I’m a beta trying to break out. I often peruse the CH archives for helpful advice, and it’s still there in all its glory. Let’s go back to 2009, I used this tactic on two girls with results:


I deleted the second conversation, but attached is the screenshot of the first. Each time the girls had stopped responding to my messages, yet each time they immediately responded to the mcflakester comment. It resuscitated my conversations with both girls. Unfortunately my lack of game prevented me from capitalizing, but it gave me two additional chances. So far I’m 2/2 using that quote. Feel free to share this e-mail as a reminder to the readers of Le Chateau of the effectiveness of this tactic.

Implied in the reader’s enthusiasm about the “mcflakester” anti-flake line is a reminder that each of these CH Game tactics, taken individually, won’t normally seal the deal with a girl, but taken together greatly boost the chance of sheet twisting success. That’s because you can’t get anywhere with a girl if she isn’t talking with you, and one throwaway CH line can be enough to, in the reader’s words, resuscitate a dead conversation. Game is a full spectrum assault on women’s hindbrains; one artillery shell won’t win the war for reproductive entente but a barrage of shells all targeted at different limbic bunkers will open a clear path to her heart.


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