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Spot The Alpha Male’s Wife

This is a homoshoot of NATO wives plus Melania Trump, winnergirl.

Behold soft, plush Europe, telegraphing for all the world’s barbarians that She is ready to bend over and take their invader seed. The rump roaster in the back is the “””husband””” of Luxembourg’s gay prime sinister, which I guess makes him the bottom.

And wtf is going on with some of these Euroshrews? How about old chicken legs on the far left trying to pull off the sexy teen girl look. Lady, don’t go above the knee if your entire leg is the same width as your knee. And who’s the broad in the tent and head covering? The Manchester bomber’s mother? Nice blood splatter dress on that middle giantess (probably Dutch). At least the two on the far right look bangable. Melania as usual looks great, a welcome change from the Jane Goodall jungle subject we had to endure looking at for eight years.

Anyhow, the alpha male’s wife is always the youngest, hottest, tightest, and most elegant of the bunch. (Luxembourg puts his hand to his chest, “why thank you!”) When men have options, they choose wisely.


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