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Dominance Game

Male dominance is the irresistible force that compels steadfast followers and unfurled furrows. It’s the secret sauce of seduction, and no man serious about luring the fare sex neglects to cultivate an air of authority and social dominance.

Emailer Lurky McAesthetics is astonished by the power of male dominance to arouse women.

Long time lurker and admirer. Came upon this nugget of game on one of my friends’ cellphones, he is tall, good looking, and id call him a charming narcissistic asshole (have heard him tell girls on more than one occasion that she should feel lucky he took time out from admiring how sexy he is to talk to her….it works more times than i expect it to)

Haha, that’s funny, and the sort of cocky banter that would work for any man, not just good-looking men. If anything, it would work BETTER for average-looking men, if delivered with a deadpan expression and convincing sincerity.

I have met the girl he was talking to mid 20s, hard 8, fancy, used to men slobbering over her, and he apparently talked to her for 5 minutes when we were at a bar (big city, USA) and then invited himself over to her place

Men invade, women invite.

and broke her self-imposed 18 month hiatus from “dating dicks”, she is feisty (overheard their first convo) but subdued around him.

Every woman adores a caesar.

I always wondered why she behaved like that around him until i saw his texts to her (relevant info redacted for privacy) even being aesthetic it just blew my mind that such a girl was just beggin to be reframed (?) dominantly. Without further ado, the text exchange. Please feel free to use to to educate any beta pussy-pedestalizing herbs (he told her he would throw her in a sac in a cat costume instead of getting a cat) Red Box response is his).

A masterful seduction reads like a symphony sounds: uplifting, transcendent, inspiring. Note that no words were needed to send this lass in a tailspin; just a picture, a cream meme if you will, signifying everything that women love about men, and what women want to do with men who are worthy of their pussies: they want to submit, eagerly, with happy abandon.

Women’s eagerness to submit is partly a function of the paucity of available men who can inspire their submission or have the guts to demand, through word or action, their submission. No crevasse of the female hindbrain is deeper than the one that contains the ür-desire to relinquish her body, heart, and soul totally to a man exuding that I AM A GOLDEN GOD attitude.

PS Some will waver that good-looking men have more leeway to act dominant; that women will forgive them this indiscretion that would sink less attractive men. That is a bad misreading of female nature. The dominant handsome man bests the submissive handsome man EVERY TIME. Although women don’t mind a man easy on the eyes, it’s his alluring dominance and entitlement (who does this man thinks he is? he must be someone important) that really snares their hearts and juices their cunts. Now this isn’t to say nebbishy men should charge out of the gate wielding a cream meme like the one above; there must be consideration given to women’s trite first impressions, and that means for the less conspicuously dominant man a sudden gear shift from niceguy beta to ass-slapping alpha will trigger female creep alarms. He should avoid this obstacle by setting a subtly dominant tone early and often, so that when he deploys the cream memes later they don’t land with a thud but rather a throb.


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