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Reframe Of The Day

This is both a Game post and a politics post. Enjoy this explicit two-fer, because it’ll be one of those rare times you can witness the see-sawing CH haters implode from cogdis.

The reframe is a powerful Game technique, capable of stopping shit testing bitches cold, reigniting stalled banter, and easing the apprehensions of egg-guarding girls. The reframe is essentially perception management, in which one can alter the value of something (such as oneself) by changing the context in which that thing is understood.

A classic of the genre:

GIRL: I bet I’m not the first girl you’ve said that to.

POPE BUTTPLUG’S ALT-NEMESIS: I’ve learned what to say from girls just like you.

One more PUA classic:

POPE BUTTPLUG’S SATANIC TRUMPDREAM: Hey girl, don’t get handsy! You’ve gotta wine and dine me first, I’m not that easy.


Swinging this around to the politics angle, we can apply the reframe to a current event that has shitlibs twitching with gotcha! tingles.

The story: A trickle down media dweeb and walking nebbish caricature Ben Jacobs got body slammed by a Montana Republican pol named Gianforte. It’s being reported with indignant tones suggestive of a major scandal but honestly it’s the best news I’ve heard all day! Who hasn’t wanted to remind these dorky uptalking shitlib manlets that high school never really ends for them?

The reframe: “A reporter was tackled by a Montana Republican? Don’t give in to fear and hate. If you do, the Montana Republicans will have won.”

Another reframe, courtesy of Gabber @CorneliusRye:

In the aftermath of this attack, I fear the backlash that the Republican and Alt-Right communities will have to endure. ?

We stand in solidarity with them.

Post note: On cue, Paul Ryan has cucked his way into the news by asking Gianforte to apologize. If CuckRyan had instead said anything akin to the reframes above (instead of groveling for an apology from Gianforte), my estimation of him would have gone from AIDS VECTOR to T LEVEL DETECTED.


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