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A leftoid freak (black) judge (are these scumbags factory-pressed now?) ruled against Trump’s eminently sensible muslim immigration ban, (and not one day after yet another muslim atrocity), misusing the Establishment Clause as a jizz wipe to clean up his orgasm of feelz.

What a fucking disgrace. The Establishment Clause doesn’t apply to the whole world. It’s meant for Americans. If the whole world falls under the First Amendment’s protections, then in theory American voters, through their representatives, have no right to restrict the flow of invaders from any foreign country in any number at any time. The Zeroeth Amendment, as Sailer calls it.

WELP that’s a wrap folks. A Constitutional Crisis is coming, courtesy of rabid virtue sniveling anti-White shitlib nation wreckers. Let’s all take a moment to recall what happened the last time we had a major Constitutional Crisis.

And now a moment to reflect on what’s happening in our homelands today:

If there aren’t changes, BIG changes, soon, to redirect the Vector Negative that the West is traveling, the shit will hit the fan harder than even the most dedicated doomsday prepper could have imagined. Reminder that “checks and balances” applies to curbing excesses of the Judiciary as well as the Legislative and Executive. Which means (in the words of Anti-Gnostic):

Well, step two is people beginning to ask how many tank battalions the judges have.

Like I’ve said, there needs to be a culling of shitlibs from ALL American institutions of power. The shitlib saturation point has been reached and surpassed in nearly every important field:

Culling, not debate, is our only avenue remaining to make our voices heard and our votes count.

What’s at stake and coming for us: an enormous, unstoppable tsunami of Dirt World detritus.


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