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Demography Is Division

Get ready for the dusky enrichment. Libshit Brookings Institute squealed with delight when it released a report that modeled electoral college results going out to 2032, based on projected demographic trends within the US.

Positive values indicate Democreeps receive more electoral college votes than do Republicans. Negative values indicate the opposite.

Thanks to the magic of de-Whitening, by 2032 the Republicans will be essentially shut out of ever winning a national election again.

This was the Left’s goal from the beginning, and they are on the verge of total victory. But then Trump happened, and the victory parade celebrating the dispossession of Whites from their own homeland had to be put on hold. Hence, the slow coup to oust Trump currently being orchestrated by the leftoid media, Dems, GOPe, spoogled technoborg, Creep State, and every other Globohomo elite buttplug aficionado with zero kids and a granny bedmate. The future of America as an indivisible nation will be decided by events that happen over the next year. You are sitting front row, center seat to a titanic power struggle that may bring down — or save — the greatest outpost of White Civilization the world has known.


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