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A thought occurred to me while noticing a boy-hipped, broad-shouldered manjaw crank out a 10-rep set of man-pushups at the gym without breaking a sweat. She wasn’t half-bad in the facial area, and her body, despite its cylindricality, was thin and taut. Her lunge-carved ass broke the straight line of her figure, supplying just enough rolling landscape to keep her out of the “guess what, you’re an arab banging a prepubescent boy!” zone.

These masculinized tankgrrls are all over the big blue urban sexopolises. Their creation as a distinct subspecies of human female could have both endogenous and exogenous causes: endocrine disruption e.g. in our plastics and Pills, or sexual selection increasing their numbers in the genpop. (Sexual selection could happen genetically over a few generations by reproductive skew, or culturally by encouraging low E/high T women to go even lower E/higher T in the gym, at the office, and on the marathon circuit.)

My thought was this: now that America has had to wheeze under fifty years of obesity — and given that fatness is a bigger SMV hit for women than it is for men — maybe masculinized females are becoming sought after by men simply because masculinization protects against obesity. It’s fairly well-known by researchers that testosterone inhibits fat gain and accelerates fat loss. Female obesity is SO FUCKING REPULSIVE to the vast majority of (White & Asian) men that men may be making subconscious mate choice calculations favoring masculine women and their slender, if pre-teen tubular, bodies.

A woman with jacked T is less likely to be fat, and that could mean all the difference in our fulsome Fatopia. Masculine women are a social and male mate choice response to a food and globohomoist environment that punishes curvy feminine women. Our iPhags and iFoods have killed off our Marilyn Monroes (men hardest hit).

This is a sad state of affairs, but perfectly understandable that men would rather bang a curve-less fuck piston than suffocate in the fat folds of a flabberwocky. Given free choice, and a healthy female SMV sexual market, men would choose slender, hourglass-shaped, feminine women who could never be mistaken for men. But we don’t live in that healthy sexual market; we live in a technocarb horror spun by a girthful incubus. In this nightmare, the large swath of sub-alpha American men are increasingly offered only two choices of woman: a fatty, or a mandibular muscleslut barking into her phone at subordinates as her womb turns inhospitable to sperm and egg alike.

Bang a boyische twat or a fat blob? For many men, the shrill sergeant wins that contest.


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