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This blog revels in peering across the lip of the abyss to gaze at the id monster lurking within, but there are occasionally news stories of human depravity so hellish that even yer ‘umble hindbrain-exposer hesitates to venture into its thickets. This is one of those stories.

A bright-eyed young boy, Adrian Jones, was tortured and eventually killed by his n166er father Michael Jones and his demonic mudshark stepmom, Heather Jones.

Two winners, here. If it’s possible for people to look like they’re demonically possessed, these two qualify. Especially the fucking grotesquely ugly mudshark. Those eyes are bringers of icy death.

The stepmudshark recorded for psychopathic posterity all the acts of terror and brutality she and her husband inflicted on Adrian. I won’t repost the photos or videos here; you can go to the link provided if you desire nightmare fuel to keep you up for weeks. Here’s a teaser of what you’ll find:

A photograph showed [Adrian] with a bar of soap stuffed in his mouth, others with injuries caused by a Taser. Heather seemed to be documenting the abuse and the injuries it caused as if she was proud of it.

Hoevers even found a message Heather had sent to an unknown person: ‘Just strapped the boy to my inversion table with handcuffs and ace bandages and put him downstairs,’ she wrote, adding: ‘the hubby wants some a** and I ain’t had none in over a week!!’

She signed off cheerily: ‘love y’all nighty night.’

Burn the coal, the kid pays the toll.
Mom is fake, stepson will break.

An under-remarked social phenomenon of mudsharkery is how the white female mudshark will tend, over time, to conform to the code of her black lover’s moral universe, which in practice often means a morality regressed from White norms and a shrunken capacity for empathy. The mudshark will make every effort to please her dikdu, and what comes of this egregious deference is a slow betrayal of her sense of right and wrong, until she’s not just rationalizing her dikdu’s worst depravities, but participating in them.

CH Maxim #14: When civilization, in societal or individual form, confronts primitivism, the latter will eventually corrupt and overrun the former absent a will among the civilized people to temporarily discard their civilized norms to save themselves from the primordial infestation.

Sometimes, this “primitivizing” goes both ways; it’s not out of bounds to say that an inordinate number of mudsharks are mentally deficient, physically repulsive, emotionally child-like, and psychologically imbalanced headcases who nurse a seething hatred of the White men who reject them. They bring their own brand of sociopathy to interracial relationships, setting up a two-way avenue to access levels of scumbaggery unseen in normal man and woman. The N166er Jones-Demon Mudshark story fits this mold. The devil gaze of this ugly hellcunt, Heather Jones, hints she turned her ebony executioner to the dark side with equal facility as his hollow soul engulfed and digested what morsel remained of her humanity. A chilling detail from the story provides evidence:

His stepmother called him ‘the boy,’ rather than use his given name. While she and Adrian’s father cared for their six girls, he was singled out for abuse of the worst kind.

A boy-hating psychobitch: your gynecracy in extreme manifestation. Where were the sisters while all this pain was meted to Adrian? Did everyone within their social circle turn a blind eye? It appears that’s the case.

Now add to the toxic stew the stepmom angle, and Adrian had no chance. Stepparents are far more likely to abuse their stepchildren than biological parents are to abuse their children. Darwinism 101: like the lion clearing out the infant cubs of the pride he just occupied, to make room for his own cubs, the stepmom will clear out the competing males from her pride to make room for more of dat azz hubby demands.

These two are part of the “diversity of family configurations” that high priest of the Globohomo Dehumanization Cartel, Emmanuel Maricon, wants all of us to welcome into the fold of normalcy. Mudsharks and stepmoms and MUH DIK and a little tape-recorded roughhousing with the young’un…there are your globalist family values. Culling hellfire, faster please.


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