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Diversity + Proximity = War.

I got to thinking about this ugliest of Ugly Truths while reading a Sailer post about a review of a book written by a French “real estate theoretician” (now there’s a legitimate new job created by open borders) taking on political correctness. An excerpt from the Frenchman’s book jumped out at me.

A public-housing development is a community, yes, and one can wish that it be more diverse. But it is also an economic resource that, more and more, is getting fought over tribally. An ethnic Frenchman moving into a heavily North African housing project finds himself threatening a piece of property that members of “the community” think of as theirs. Guilluy speaks of a “battle of the eyes” fought in the lobbies of apartment buildings across France every day, in which one person or the other—the ethnic Frenchman or the immigrant’s son—will drop his gaze to the floor first.

Regular guests of Le Chateau will be familiar with the “battle of the eyes”, because it also features in dominance displays between men vying for women’s attention, and in seduction cues between men and women. (I personally love this archived CH post that advises striking a balance between unwavering eye contact and tactical distractedness when picking up a woman.)

Eye contact is a crucial indicator of a man’s self-perceived social and therefore sexual status. If he is given to promptly lowering his eyes when meeting the gaze of strangers, or of women, or of invader saracens, then he is communicating his low status. He is a beta male, and in the case of France, he is a beta male on his own turf.

Interestingly, there’s a confluence of biomechanical streams than join and flow into a delta where Game, Dominance, and Diversity mix in a toxic effluvium. Male dominance — telegraphed through various means, including body language signals — is inherently attractive to women. The ladies love men who show dominance over other men, and over women. The happy nature of woman is to submit to a powerful man; this goes doubly for careerist feminist shrikes. A woman never feels more fulfilled in the embrace of her feminine essence than when she is captivated by a man above her in all the ways that matter.

Men will always strive for dominance in one form or another over other men, because they understand beyond their conscious ken that this is the avenue to flared furrows. There will be no extinguishing of this male urge without reconfiguring humanity into something other than a sexually reproducing species. Men with kinship or national ties (but I repeat myself) can cooperate, but the dominance domino is always in the back of man’s mind, waiting to topple.

Diversity™ accelerates the internal drivers of male dominance; when a genetically and culturally distant tribe invades (courtesy of invites sent out by the globalist elites) the land of another tribe, male dominance displays are amplified and aggravated to the precipice, and beyond, of violence.

Smiling, too, is a cue of social status. Among men, toothy smiles are a signal of submission, of low status, and of low testosterone level. Smiling is context dependent; when a fighter is outmatched by his opponent, (and he knows it), he will smile more, indicating an unwillingness to proceed with hostilities (naturally, this display of submission only emboldens the stronger man).

Smiling relates to degree of Diversity™ as well. It’s no coincidence that America is both a diverse country and a nation filled with goofy smilers. Though this article‘s author doesn’t connect the dots, the real reason Americans feel compelled to smile so much is because Diversity™ imposes miseries on them and increases the contexts and opportunities for intertribal dominance displays. Sad to say that White Americans are losing this battle of the smiles; your typical SWPL isn’t smiling in the company of vibrancy because he’s friendly…he’s smiling because he’s signaling his submission to the invaders. As the emailer welcomerain wrote,

Apparently, Americans smile a lot cuz diversity.

This has many disturbing implications that the article does not explore. If we smile more to signal amiability in a diverse population, this necessarily implies that diverse populations have a lot of internal tension. In other words, Science has once again conceded that Diversity + Proximity = War.

The article does not make note of the fact that most of this smiling goes one way. Dindus maintain their thug scowls and angry pouts. Only the goodwhites supplicate with grins as immobile as car grilles.

It is by this means and toward this end that goodwhites are being forcibly betaized. This process feeds itself.

The Forcible Betatization of Western Whites is a perfect catch-all term to describe the evils of the Globohomo Inc agenda to de-White the White West: Step One: Neuter the White men.

Diversity™ will increase the need for dominance or submission displays such as “battle of the eyes” and smiling like a goof. As social trust craters, people must fall back on primal modes of interpersonal assessment, which means a return to primitive dominance and submissiveness postures to keep the social peace and prevent all-out tribal warfare. If this strikes you as a regression from European norms of social interaction to a more African-style norm, you’d be right. As a rule, when a more primitive people invade the homelands of a more civilized people, the primitiveness will push out the civilized norms, absent a show of cleansing power and the willingness to use it.

Game is partly an organic response to increased Diversity™, and in this definition I include a diversity of sexual market options. (The old meet-marry-mate rule has been tossed for a freewheeling mate-meet-manage expectations anti-rule.) The nexus of Game, Dominance, and Diversity™ becomes clearer: dominance displays must increase in a Diversitopia of both race and sexuality, and Game is perfectly situated to help men capitalize on that intensified need for communicating dominance, to acquire pussy as well as to flex power over invader tribes.

Women, for their part, are fated to submit to the strongest men, no matter what they tell themselves or write about in Salon, and a stew of competing tribes under one national flag means that White women will now be assessing the dominance scores of their White men against nonWhite men. The field of male dominance has expanded in scope, and resulting stress fractures are bound to split apart further an already frayed social fabric.

This is why the Globohomoists are intent on executing to the end their Forcible Betatization of White men; the less White men feel they are the owners of their homeland, with a government that has their backs, the more inclined they will be to submit to the globalist locust scourge. A creeping powerlessness means more stupid smiling and lowered gazes to appease the Diversity Rötherhämmerung.

Game can be White men’s salvation, giving them once again a “home of their own”, as it instills a powerful sense of self, of entitlement, of prerogative, and of mastery over their women and their public spaces. The times demand solutions that may offend the moral sensibilities of the smiling defeated.


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