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As the inescapable scientific and experiential reality of deeply-rooted, genetic race differences in behavior, temperament, and even morality pushes aside the lies and the hoary shitlibboleths of the equalist leftoid anti-White narrative, it’s dawning on those who normally would be amenable to hearing truths which undermine the communist Left that the ugliest truth of intractably inherited race differences might also undermine their tradcon worldview.

I have in mind Christian tradcons; not all but many of them have alluded misgivings about the genetics of race. I predict you will read many more Christian tradcons — and political “moderates” who aren’t antagonistic to religion — disavowing and slandering in strengthening language the ideology of “race realism” and anyone who assents to it. As the logical consequences of race realism (inevitable in a Diversitopia) are grasped and the ideas emerging from the theory are fully apprehended, along with what that portends for any philosophy which still clings to the penumbra of moral universalism, there will be a panic among Christian tradcons from realizing race realism is at odds with their teachings and professed beliefs.

They wouldn’t be entirely wrong in thinking this. Race realism subverts at least the superficial tenets of the New Testament. (The Old Testament was too genocidal and tribalistic to be anything but comfortable with race realism.) A generous reconciling between racial reality and Christianity/Tradconism (the Bene Gesserit Option) might suggest that post-modern Christianity has a cramped and incomplete understanding of the Bible, and that having lost touch with the more ancient, less New Agey Biblical injunctions the modern Christian is impelled to defend antiracism as a proxy for defending his religion from what he perceives as lethal heresies.

I don’t think Christian tradcons will be able to square this circle without serious cogdis and uncomfortable reappraisal of the more feminized beliefs that have overrun both Protestantism and Catholicism. Race realism could provoke a major schism in Christianity on par with Martin Luther’s rejection of Church dogma.

So be on the lookout for various “moderates” and “calmer heads” and “house eunuchs” (hi, Ross!) pressing hard with their assertions that culture matters (an anti-HBD strawman, at any rate), that not all Whites are equally impressive (also an anti-HBD strawman), that genetic influence is over-rated, that the history of Western Civ can be sufficiently understood without recourse to the genetic inheritances of the Whites who comprise it (it can’t), that life would be perfect if the nation was all-White (the ür-strawman). These nervous Christian tradcons will eventually lie and dissemble with the same facility as equalist leftoids lie to protect their worldview.

For instance, I can already hear Tradcons denying the racial basis of culture, on grounds that it’s “simplistic”; this is a catch-all word (like “nuance”) that people (mostly shitlibs and kneejerk contrarians) use when they wish to promptly and unmessily discard an idea that gives them the hives. It’s simplistic only in that it’s jarring to the modren’s sensibility. The race realism answer is that culture is indeed an emergent property of race, and that over time gene-culture positive reinforcing feedback loops set up, sculpting distinct societies (i.e., nations) from the clay of genetic inheritance of the people who create those agreeable social bubbles.

The cultures that arise from the gene source pools aren’t random configurations; cultures affirm, coalesce, and amplify the genetic traits of the people who populate them. So there’s no way to draw a red line between race and culture; the latter would be a phantasm without the former. The Alt-Right is right about this.

In short, change the genes, change the culture. This process is immediate on an evolutionary timescale. But change the culture from the top-down, say by mass migration and perniciously anti-realist indoctrination, and the genes of the native population remain the same for a long while, until enough selection pressure, stress, miscegenation, (and misery, as is the wont of the God of Biomechanics) culls those who are ill-suited to the changed culture.

Christians can reconcile their religion with race realism, but it will require a jettisoning of gathered 20th Century nostrums that have taken a hold of the Christcuck imagination. We are not all “made in the image of God“, but the Christian can console himself that the pre-feminized Jesus never taught that the sameness of man was God’s will.


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