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Unbelievable numbers coming from the ADL of all places that prove Jews are VASTLY over-represented among perpetrators of anti-Semitic incidents. The Bigly Epigone crunched the per capita result (thus discombobulating shitlibs who never learned what per capita means) and found:

So far in 2017 Jews have been perpetrating “anti-Semitic incidents” in the US at more than 19,000% the rate that non-Jews have been doing so.

At this point it’s fair to wonder whether the predilection for Jews to concoct anti-Semitic hate hoaxes which they inevitably know will be pinned on Da Goyim by a compliant (and family-connected) leftoid legacy media amounts to a concerted blood libel campaign of slander and intimidation, or whether it’s an emergent property of an elevated disposition towards psychopathy among their ethnicity.


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