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“Image of God”

The Dark Meat Continent

These are the gifts of love made in the image of God that Fake Virtue signaling White leftoids who advocate for open borders in perpetuity want to air drop by the millions into a Heartland, America small town near you. And as the Africa population bomb ticks to its detonation, you can bet there will be no shortage of sanctimonious instruments of self-annihilation and their puppeteers sniveling for America to “open her heart to the human suffering” and relocate Africa’s miseries to Dubuque, Iowa, (instead of doing the sane thing and cutting all food and tech aid to Africa before the natural culling that must occur when an ecosystem’s carrying capacity is overloaded reaches the level of an epic die-back that will make the Holocaust numbers of dead look like street crime victims in comparison).

PS Trust CH commenters to find the humor in abject African depravity.

PPS This post’s title was half warning, half chewy bait for Matt King. I miss that guy’s sonorous pontifications, but an exposer of monstrous ids can’t stop, won’t stop, his duty to vivisect the corporeal provenances of the races of man.


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