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The stuck pig squeals loudest. Remember that as you read this comment by Sentient.

“The legacy media is going insane over us”

Yes… When the NY Times is running subscription campaigns headed with

“Truth. Discover it with us.”

you can see Trump’s brilliance at work… Imagine the NYT having to advertise that they are true? All the Trump stuff about bias, complicity, duplicity and fake news has unmasked them… and they know it. That’s why they are melting down near nightly…

This is the first step in taking the noose from around our necks…

The people are getting woke. Yeah there may not be change overnight to satisfy Greg, much injustice will go unpunished. But the people are just getting more woke every day.

And the Washington Bezos has added “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to the top of their fishwrap.

As Sentient said, it used to be that the pursuit of truth and ethical journalism were implied by the near-universal high status held by our nation’s big papers. That status is lost, which is why the venal vipers running the papers sound like try-hard beta males convincing a woman they aren’t creeps.

There’s dignity and power in being trusted enough as a source of news that there’s no need to assert trustworthiness. A good man doesn’t go around begging people to believe in his goodness. His actions and behavior speak for him. Great womanizers don’t plead with women that they’re great womanizers. They let their seductive prowess demonstrate the fact for them.

Same with the dying leftoid legacy media. Now that they’ve been unmasked as liars and disingenuous propagandists for the Globohomo Bathhouse Alliance, it’s only a matter of time until complete abandonment and rejection by the public they supposedly serve. And like any stuck pig backed into a corner, they squeal with indignation and pain and oink impotently, begging their dwindling loyalist libshit readers to defend them from the killing blow. “No, really, we are the Final Arbiters of Truth. Trust us! Would we lie to you?”

No, thanks. That ship has sailed. It’s time to make bacon out of you.


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