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jackmcg had a really good description of the types of White shitlibs that populate post-America.

Been trying to deprogram liberals. Putting aside Jews and minorities (special cases), I see 4 classifications of WHITE liberals. Many have qualities of more than one (status liberals can also be dreg or empathy liberals), but there is usually a dominant classification that you can focus on.

Status Liberals – They want the most status for the least cost, which is very psychologically exploitable. They’ve been convinced through a rigorous propaganda campaign at schools, work, advertising, movies, etc. that being a liberal is high status and noticing differences between races is low status. Easy choice for them… just be a liberal and presto… you are now high status. These people can be smart and successful… but they are never as smart as they think they are.

How to turn them: Forget facts. They need to be convinced liberals are low status. Without taking over Hollywood its impossible to do this alone, these people are heavily warped. But you can do it on a micro scale. Press the buttons. Liberals = losers, over and over again. Remember, they think they are above manipulation, so the more subtle you are the better (thats how the other side brainwashed them in the first place.)

Dreg Liberals – Rejects of society who would be crushingly low status under a traditional, fact-based societal order. So they turn to lies of liberalism to lower the psychological cost of how unworthy they are.

How to turn them: You can’t. If you were able to successfully convince them of facts, the hit to their ego would be so big they might off themselves. If you get them to admit a fact that counters liberalism, they will have amnesia about it the next time you talk to them. Just avoid them. (This means unfortunately lotta women are hopeless and can’t be converted away from the liberal cult. Excessive cock mileage makes budging from feminism psychologically impossible for them.)

Empathy Liberals – Usually young daddysrich white women who have lotsa empathy to give due to their station in life. Has been manipulated their entire life into directing their empathy towards groups of people with no civilizational value.

How to turn them: Visual evidence of anti-white crime. Show them how Islam treats women. A white female Trump voter got pepper sprayed by antifa? Bookmark it and show it to empathy liberals. A true empathy liberal is the easiest to turn but they are rare. Scratch what you think is an Empathy Liberal and you usually find a Status Liberal or slut Dreg Liberal underneath.

Blissful Ignorance Liberals – These are usually young. normal, sane Fucking White Males with slightly above average IQ.This is your classic liberal-who-turns-conservative later in life. Taught liberal crap and only become conservative later in life when they see the taxes in their paycheck, or when they try to start a business and get crushed by regulations, or when they get mugged, or when their daughter looks at a black guy.

How to turn them: Like I said, with the right impetus they’d eventually slide towards shitlord. Your job is to speed it up and take them deeper than they’d ever go. Burst their bubble. Red pill them hard. Visuals are best. These are your best hope for real recruits to our side. Be prepared with status visuals, too.

The CH recommended MO for dealing with shitlibs — mockery and realtalk — is effective with varying impact on all of the shitlib types jackmcg lists. Some libs require more mockery, others more realtalk. The best attack is a combination of Rhetoric and Realtalk; hit the ego and the id simultaneously. Any shitlibs that can’t be turned, like Dreg Liberals, should be ostracized. Or at the very least their dreg liberal lifestyles shouldn’t be glorified and granted rights magically unearthed between two semicolons in the Constitution.


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