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Reader PA wonders if shitlib clever-silly virtue signaling is really a survival tactic in a Western country that excessively and mercilessly punishes its middle, working, and lower class White citizens.

Shitlib “abstraction smarts” signalling is caused by the opposite pressures that were imposed on Cambodians during their genocide. Communists were going for the head. If hands were not calloused or he wore glasses, you were taken away. White nations are being hit in the gut. Our working class is going through its slow-motion Killing Fields. So brains signalling comes not just from a place of vanity.

A related thought, now I see why gamma males of lower class origins can be some of the most obnoxious SJWs. Not only are they working hard to signal, but they are also pleading their case for being noticed by their betters and pulled out of the working class.

When listening to SWPL shitlibs gleefully regurgitate the latest Faceborg anti-White, anti-Trump snark, I can’t help but notice a tinge of FEAR and hysteria staining their self-righteousness. PA may be onto something; shitlibs virtue signal for more than vainglory or as a social bonding substitute….they do it to avoid being cast out to the icy wastelands.

Of course, no socially healthy nation eagerly casts out its yeomen to the icy wastelands. That’s suicidal. But national suicide is the point to our Globohomo elites, whose only real threat comes from a cohesive resistance of blood-and-soil-bound heritage Americans. As corvo puts it,

And this is why those of us who are in a position to do so must advocate for our people. We cannot just abandon the White working class to be economically decimated and intellectually stomped on. We can’t think “Well, I’ve got mine” and just slink away from the fight. These are our people.

If you wonder why the vile reptilian Bill Kristols of the world openly confess they prefer the depredations of the Deep State to the legitimately elected voice of Trump’s America, you need only read Corvo’s last sentence.

“These are our people.”

Not “their” people. “Our” people.

It’s tribal mechanics all the way down.

The Communist Cambodian Killing Fields only stopped running with blood when neighboring Vietnam invaded.

There’s a lesson there for the combatants of America’s Signaling Fields. A very ominous lesson.


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