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Those merry memesters at 4chan’s /pol/ forum are at it again, busting narratives and realtalking their way into the history books. An especially precocious mischief-maker created a Chrome (Spoogle) extension that changes “White” to “black” on various shitlib websites like PuffedHo, Feedbuzz, and Shalom.

An anon got the idea to start flooding Twitter with screenshots of the extension in action under the hashtag #WhiteToBlack

Perfect. Let’s see what happens.


As a wag chortled, finally Shalom’s headlines make sense!

A pastiche (click for zoomed-in version):


My sides! Every one of those inverted headlines is more truthful than Shalom’s original hate-whitey headlines.

Some people may say this is a classic case of shitlib psychological projection. (The white shitlib projects his real racist feelings onto other Whites to absolve xirself of guilt.) But what this more closely resembles is negative transference; the white shitlib has a lot of bottled-up negative feelings about blacks that xe transfers to those no-good, awful, very bad, deplorable BadWhites — conveniently located far away outside the shitlib’s bubble so that a true and honest gauge of the BadWhite’s emotional state can’t be fairly taken — and in the process unburdens xerxesself of intense cognitive dissonance. (Freud wasn’t entirely useless.)

If libshits had to confront their own negative feelings about blacks squarely and candidly, they would have a mass psychotic break. So they go through ludicrous and increasingly insane mental contortions to transfer their secret racist guilt onto other White people whom they don’t know and with whom they don’t mingle in their shitlibistan circles. This entire process is further amplified by the urban shitlib’s very real and very deeply-felt hatred for heartland Whites, so the job of trashing one’s credibility and shitting on one’s integrity doesn’t feel like a chore when the ideological and cultural enemy is taking flak.

Executive Summary: For the truth and the underlying motivations of every unhinged writer for a leftoid legacy mouthpiece, just switch “white” and “black” and enjoy the illuminating high from taking an enormous race-based red pill.

A 4channer astutely notes that the Lying Left must be attacked with a combination of Rhetoric and Realtalk. The latter alone will bounce right off leftoid COGDIS, while the former alone (although more powerful as an instrument of leftoid destruction) will eventually crumble without a solid foundation. If you do it right — attack the shitlib ego and expose the shitlib id with mockery (i.e., emotional appeals) while relying on a fortifying base of truthful observations — the shitlib destruction is nearly self-fulfilling.

This is actually pretty great. The way to wake up the left is not with logical arguments or with facts or statistics.

It’s by holding a mirror against them, let them chimp out at their very own image and make them realize stumble over their own arguments. They deconstruct themselves. No need for us to even get involved. Spread this shit on facebook, twitter, everywhere.


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