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Trump Negs Justine Truvada

Recall the definition of the Game technique known as the neg — a backhanded compliment which has the purpose of jarring a high mate value girl’s self-esteem — as you read this Tweet by President Trump to Justine Truvada, Canada’s Prime Menstruator.

That was a subtle neg slipped like a rhetorical shiv right between Truvada’s ovaries.

I could get used to Trumperica.

Trump is a manspreader. Truvada is, well, skeered of his raisinettes. Truvada clasps his hands very close to his vagina, a clear defensive tic….the man is an emasculated product of the gynecracy to our north known as Tumblr: the Country. I’d rather have Russia as an ally and Canada as an enemy. At least Russian leaders don’t make me throw up with disgust.


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