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Shitlibistan Smoking

From my bird’s-eye view, smoking appears to be on the rise (again, after a long dormancy) among the SWPL race (the Eloheloi) in shitlibistans. Real smoking…cigarettes, not vaping, or fedora-accented stogie smoking.

Is it a reaction to the decriminalization of pot in many major cities? Public toking is everywhere with police looking the other way. I don’t know if the old timey cig smoking is a reaction to toking that may be perceived by Whites as déclassé now that the Morlocks are strolling around outside with huge blunts dangling off their lips, or if its a product of a general secular rise in substance abuse across the board.

I’m not kneejerk anti-tobacco, but cig smoking is a net negative for health. The aroma of fresh second-hand smoke doesn’t bother me; the stink of it in clothes the next morning, or embedded in car seats, otoh, is rank. I’ve smoked, intermittently, occasionally, lightly, and when I did it wasn’t for long periods of time. Mangan has marshaled a fair amount of evidence that, while cigarette smoking is clearly bad for health, tobacco in smokeless forms may have positive hormetic effects on brain health and longevity.

We’ll see if this smoking trend sticks. I suspect it will, if only because vices in general tend to be indulged more frequently during times when social disintegration and chaos are also on the rise. And smoking may be favorably perceived as a “White thing” by SWPLs when Diversity is slowly but inexorably driving them into conspicuous tribalistic signaling.


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