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This is a little trick I picked up over the years hound-dogging my way into women’s heart-shaped boxes. First, oftentimes even moreso second, and sometimes third dates, can fall victim to the dreaded conversational lull. Women I have noticed are less revealing than are men in the early going. Likely, this too is an evolved predisposition to protect women from themselves: unsavory blurts about their sexual histories or motor-mouthing that might betray a little more eagerness than should be acceptable for a coy woman measuring up a bevy of suitors.

Anyhow, drawing a woman into conversation isn’t so hard once you know a few verbal tricks to lube their larynxes and spike their curiosity for you (a feeling which in women is handmaiden to self-doubt).

I will ask some anodyne question, like “What do you like to do for fun?”

She will get that glaze in her eyes that women always get when a man asks them to describe themselves in a generalized, ill-defined way (chicks prefer details). “Oh, here comes the interview”, she’ll thought bubble.

And just as she’s starting to speak through blank eyes and blanker lips, I’ll interject,

“It’s ok, I know everything about you anyway.”

aaaaaand……TINGLE STORM.

She’ll suddenly perk right up, lean forward, and naturally wonder aloud “And what’s that?”

At which point, I’ll call upon my powers of id-stripping observation and like Shercock Bones deliver an ASSessment of her peculiarities. If I’m not feeling so keen, I’ll just make up some shit on the spot. If I’m wrong, at least it revs the banter and opens avenues for humor and sexual innuendo.

Try it, you’ll find you (and her) like it.

And you should know that drawing a woman into conversation is a great example of FLIPPING THE SCRIPT and MAKING THE WOMAN CHASE YOU. When a woman is invested in what you have to say about her, she’s in effect assumed the role of the suitor, the chaser, the eager beaver who wants your validation. She’ll qualify herself to you, over and over, enthusiastically, a bit desperately, like a beta male, and her head space and vaj place will effloresce with anticipation of hosting your arrival.


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