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Commenter cortesar writes — while on the topic of globohomoist John Bercow’s slut wife and his cowardly acquiescence to their rotten marriage — of the paradoxical retreat from love underway by the very equalist leftoids who wave the banner of love aloft as their rallying cry.

There is no doubt in my my mind that if George Orwell was alive today he would have been on our side
I could not think of any quote that would come close to this one in depicting today atomized soulless globalist world by simply contrasting it to a principle that love is not opposite of hate but of indifference
The whole concept of family, community and nation has been for thousand years based on the idea that love means choice, that loves means discrimination
that loves means preference
To love means to choose and therefore there is nothing further from love than indifference


Cortesar, and Orwell, are right, and as usual shitlibs will have to deal with another hot flash of COGDIS when they encounter this Orwell quote that aligns more closely with Maul-Right truths than it does with their vapid #LoveWins hashtag attenuation of human nature.

Buried in the Chateau tomes of Everlasting Knowledge of the Mortal and the Transcendent is the truism that Indifference, not Hate, is the opposite of Love.

Anti-White leftists who wail and rend their H&M garments for more of the wretched refuse to teem toss’d upon America’s shores are as far removed from being champions of love as their sainted mulatto obama was from his Kenyan biological father. Indifference to whoever squats in one’s homeland is a political act of self-love; it’s certainly no love that anyone but the haughty poseur would recognize as such.


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