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I facetiously mused why we don’t see real cost-benefit analyses of the effects of affirmative action and diversity quotas on the economy and on society, knowing full well the answer (a lying corrupt anti-White media, government, and academia stifles such crimethink).

I mused too soon. Those Who Can See crafted a superb post laying bare in excruciating detail just how much the Diversity Is Our Strength cult costs us Americans in hard cash and soft social cohesion (answer: a lot).


We at TWCS propose, on the contrary, that in Western countries diversity has proven to be much more like a tax. A tax that falls, like medieval manorial dues, disproportionately on the working classes.


To grossly generalize, we will split our subjects into two groups: the ‘higher-functioning’ and the ‘lower-functioning’ Diverse.  The reason is that the two groups tend to tax us in different ways.


In this essay La Griffe du Lion models the effect of affirmative action on the income of whites, blacks and Hispanics. It is shown that on average a black worker between the ages of 25 and 64 earns an extra $9,400 a year because of affirmative action. Hispanics also benefit to the tune of almost $4,000 a year. However, being a zero-sum game, white workers pay an average of about $1,900 annually to foot the bill.


As we have reported in detail, the EEOC, Washington’s private-sector quota enforcement arm, spends $385 million of your tax dollars each year to make sure enough non-Euros are hired by private companies.


France’s ‘banlieues,’ or suburbs, filled mostly with low-performing Diversity, are an endless money sink. The National Observatory on Urban Policy’s 2015 report points out that despite half a trillion taxpayer euros invested in these vibrant areas in the last ten years, the quality of living there is still the worst in the nation.


Closer examination reveals that the biggest effect is in the semi/unskilled services sector, where a 10 percentage point rise in the proportion of immigrants is associated with a 2 percent reduction in pay.


‘Where else would you see bags of shit, bottles of piss, car parts, bathroom fixtures, canned vegetables, furniture and shitty diapers snatched off the baby’s ass in a fit of rage to be flung out the window at the Police.’


The top ten most expensive riots in U.S. history were all the work of our lower-functioning Diverse, with a total cost of $2.8 billion (in 2016 dollars) to the taxpayer.


Minneapolis has asked for half a million dollars to keep its new Diversity, Somalis, from committing crime and terrorism. This most vibrant of minorities is apparently unable to avoid such activities without massive cash infusions.


‘My wife works at the mayor’s office in a town near Paris, exactly the same scene this morning… the Muslims bring their whole clan (I thought this was a Christian holiday? [ed: Easter] pffft)… They go back again and again… If you ask them to stop, they call you “racist”… The only way to control them is to stamp the kids’ hands once they’ve filled their [egg] basket, otherwise it’s total anarchy… What a screwed-up [Arab] community!’


Once places of affordable, innocent entertainment for American families, they have now degenerated into holding pens for feral minorities who can’t keep themselves from cursing, molesting, or simply attacking each other or anyone else that gets in their way.

… Dr. King, your daughter couldn’t go to Funtown because white Southerners knew that once it was integrated, your people would ruin it. And you did.


I teach for Metro Nashville Public Schools … At my high school around 30 percent of the total student population has a first language other than English, with as many as 120 languages represented. More than 14 percent need English language (ELL) services.

School districts nationwide are pouring millions of dollars into helping students learn English.  … Researchers say it takes students five to seven years, sometimes more, to attain the English proficiency necessary to do the academic work of grade-level peers.


Never mentioned is the cost that families incur in order to live in a safe place away from the destruction of poor blacks. … Of the suburban white families I know, the woman works full-time. Homes in “safe” neighborhoods are hundreds of thousands of dollarsmore expensive than my mostly black neighborhood.

Four bedroom historical homes here cost $60,000 with low taxes, but then you must deal with bad schools, feral thugs, teenage gangs, graffiti, police presence, shootings, blight, section-8 rentals, and poverty. If we lived in the suburbs, our home would cost over $350,000, taxes would be much higher, and my husbands commute would be more expensive.


The Iowa cheating rings are the latest evidence of how a vibrant East Asian industry is corrupting the U.S. higher education system by gaming entrance exams, concocting college applications and completing college coursework on behalf of students.

As Reuters reported in March, some companies are leveraging weaknesses in the SAT, a standardized college entrance exam, to help clients gain an unfair advantage on the test by feeding them questions in advance. In addition, Reuters has identified companies in China that help students contrive their entire college application – embellishing or ghostwriting application essays, doctoring letters of recommendation from high school teachers, and even advising kids to obtain fake high school transcripts.


Faculty and domestic students interviewed said it appears that substantial numbers of international students either don’t comprehend or don’t accept U.S. standards of academic integrity. At the University of Arizona, the staff works hard to explain academic integrity to those from abroad, but “our students don’t always understand what plagiarism is,” said Chrissy Lieberman, associate dean of students.

…  At nearly all [schools] that provided data, the rate of such cheating reports was at least twice as high for foreign as for domestic students, ranging up to over eight times as high.


At Queen Mary University of London 75% of postgraduates found to have plagiarised were from overseas with a third from China, the newspaper reported.


As a BBC documentary showed, the system is wide open to “health tourist” abuse whereby foreign nationals use NHS services to which they are not entitled, place an already overburdened system under intolerable strain. It is a form of predation to which the traditional White population, with their almost reflexive honesty, have no defence.


University College London said that the majority of the 88,000 foreign doctors practising the UK would fail exams if held to the same standards as their British colleagues.


There have also been accusations of postal voting fraud in predominantly Asian areas, just years after a judge found evidence of fraud in Birmingham.


‘I too am fed up with job seeking where Cantonese or Mandarin are required. We’re just handing our country, values and culture over to them and they are laughing at us for it and not even discreetly. This isn’t immigration, it’s an invasion.’


In his findings, Putnam writes that those in more diverse communities tend to “distrust their neighbors, regardless of the color of their skin, to withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, and to huddle unhappily in front of the television. … that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.”

And on and on it goes….all these wonderful blessings of Diversity.

Except, you see, the truth of it all is that far from being a blessing….

Diversity is our curse.

Far from being a strength…

Diversity is our penury

our coarsening

our demoralization

our surveillance state

our declining trust

our misery

our metadeath

and, soon, if we don’t stop the black goo of Diversity poisoning the lifeblood of White nations…

our real death.

Our war.

May the MAGA be with us. We’ll need it. Because as TWCS asked, “Why, then, must we import many multiples of these same problems, but in different hues?”

PS As if reading this post himself and responding with a gift of love, reports emerge that the God Emperor is set to sign an immigration restriction executive order targeting Muslim countries and refugees on Thursday. That’s a start if there ever was one.

It is impossible to be as erect as I am now. Skyward!


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