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The Counter-Qualification

Qualification (having standards and applying them to women) and Disqualification (telling a woman in so many words that she doesn’t meet your standards, to raise your SMV relative to hers) are vital Game concepts that no seducer should leave the fapping hovel without.

A reader suggests a third entry in the Qualification suite of pickup dialectics: The Counter-Qualification.

Dear CH,

Think I came up with a new way to handle a woman trying to qualify you – I call it “counter-qualification” (CQ). I was out on a date tonight and this girl was asking me a lot of questions – not because she was curious – but because I felt she was trying to qualify me a lot.

So at a few points I said to her “Wait, this isn’t a job interview – is it? You’re asking me a lot of questions…” if her questions were sounding like too much like an interrogation Eg. if she said, “so do you go to shops all the time and try to get dates? When was the last time you used Tinder/online dating?” etc. In which case, I used counter-qualification.

I did this on the iDate I went on last night and the same thing again – the girl got a bit defensive and qualified herself. Again, when she was trying to interrogate me about my dating habits, I would tease and say “see – you’re doing it again. back in “interview mode”. Do you do this to all the guys you date?”

I’m gonna play with it some more. I’m also thinking I could start using CQ questions like “why are you asking me that question?” or “why is it so important for you to know that?” – of course, has to be done with the right tone, expression, etc. to avoid sounding butthurt and defensive.

Be interested if anyone at CH has experience with this. Maybe next time a woman gives you a shit test and it’s a question, you could:

a) Ignore
b) A&A
or c) CQ


The CQ is a push-pull subroutine that’s more akin to teasing than to qualifying, but the gist of this reader’s definition is clear enough. In fact, the “wow I didn’t know I was going on a job interview” CQ line that the reader uses as his example is a well-known PUA shit test-busting tactic for instantly deflating a hot babe’s pretensions and flipping the chaser-chasee script. If a girl peppers you with interrogative questions and you cheekily reply, “is this a job interview?”, she will back off her aggressive posturing and regard you with more carnal curiosity. After all, she’s used to beta schlubs dutifully answering her questions as fast as she can ask them.

So that’s the CQ. The A&A response would be something along the lines of “My job? I’m a male stripper. Work is slow right now, but I fill in my free time doing bored housewife porn”. A&A achieves a similar result as CQ, slowing a girl’s momentum and asserting your manly prerogative.

Caution is warranted when using these tactics. If the girl is just needling you to see if you’ll break beta, then CQ or A&A can be repeated with a positive response rate. She’ll laugh and stop asking her banal questions. On the other hand, if she genuinely wants to learn more about you, then don’t overuse CQ or A&A; you’ll sound spergy and suspicious, like you’re trying to hide something unflattering about yourself. If she’s a real deal doll, then one CQ followed by one A&A is all that’s necessary, allowing you to gracefully segue into surrendering a sincere answer to her questions without losing alpha bed-cred.


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