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The Chicago Four

This week in Chicagoland, four Feral-Americans — two males and two females — kidnapped and tortured, live on film uploaded to Facebook, a mentally disabled White 18 year old man, cackling gleefully as they had him drink toilet water, nearly scalped him, and made him recite “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people”. The kidnapping and torture dragged on for nearly two days. One of the HBzeroes, Brittany Herring, narrated the torture-fest. It’s as chimptastic as you’d surmise.

The “mainstream” (not for long) media reacted with their predictably unbiased and swift coverage that they bring to any violent crime in which the perps are black and the victim White: they reported nothing when they weren’t actively censoring news about the incident at their social media monopolies.

That is, they stuffed the story until their crabbed hands were forced to report on it from the pressure applied by a small army of alt-right shitlords mass spamming and shivving the freethought channels with the unvarnished truth.

What can be said about the leftoid media’s reaction to this depraved anti-White hate crime that hasn’t been said the million other times the media blackwashed and memory-holed similar crimes because those stories violated the Stop Noticing Narrative? So far, the media and government reaction has been:

YouTube scrubbed the video.
NPR refused to identify the races involved.
CNN ignored it (until late today), and finally confronted the story with a bunch of shitlib talking heads fretting over ten heavily-edited seconds of a thirty minute video.
The Chicago police chief jupmed ahead of the message machine and said it wasn’t a hate crime, and “kids do bad stuff sometimes”. (Would he say the same thing about Dylann Roof?.)

Although President-elect Donald Trump was mentioned, Chicago Police do not believe the crime was politically motivated.

“I think some of it is just stupidity, people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. I don’t think that at this point we have anything concrete to really point us in that direction, but we’ll keep investigating and we’ll let the facts guide us on how this concludes,” Supt. Johnson said.

The Gay Mulatto, NATURALLY, has said nothing. (Trump hasn’t either, afaik, but in his position, that’s a wise move. Let your enemies hang themselves with their own rope.)

Miraculously (possibly because they are sensing a shift in the winds that could mean their DOTR is closer than they think), the NewYorkBetaTimes actually used the words “anti-white” in their coverage of the kidnapping.

Porter had the best take on the craven and by now banal media handling of the story:

If the Chicago kidnapping races were reversed, about seven Hollywood films would currently be in pre-production.

Here’s the video, if you can stand watching it. (Check here if YouTube censored this copy (they’ve been busy)).

The reason white shitlibs excuse or sugarcoat the depraved violence of blacks is because they don’t really believe blacks have moral agency. And frankly, they’re right. The races don’t share equal reserves of empathy, and blacks by their astounding level of dysfunction prove over and over that their moral compass doesn’t quite point as true north as that of Whites’. The issue with shitlibs is their rank hypocrisy and bad faith; instead of facing the reality of race differences, they choose instead to heap lies, libel, and calumny on other Whites for, apparently, the sin of insufficiently ignoring stunted black morality and for pilfering blacks of their moral agency through the alchemical magic of White privilege and racism.

Lawrence Auster (RIP) once astutely noted that blacks are a sacred object to white shitlibs, whose religion is anti-White Equalism (don’t bother squaring that circle). And the one thing you don’t do to a true believer is desecrate their sacred objects, or even just reveal them to be mere vessels of fallen man. White shitlibs are undergoing a heretical threat to their religion like none they’ve experienced before; and you know from history that when a zealot is cornered and disillusioned, and his icons thrown to the ground, he will lash out in rage and demand the heads of the infidels.

But soon, the infidels will outnumber the Equalist zealots, and their grand vision will be crushed and blown away, in the end disappearing without a trace, as gossamer and insubstantial as the ideas and beliefs which founded their crooked worldview.


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