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8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man https://t.co/ijY8JcRk4E

— Gábor ADORJÁNI (@adiz0r) December 7, 2016

Female hypergamy is real. How real depends on which data set you take as gospel. One study claims that 8,000 years ago, 17 women reproduced for every one man. (Tribal ancestor of CH confirmed for top 6%) This skewed reproduction ratio is so large it can’t possibly be accounted for by the pre-reproductive age mass deaths of men alone. Women at that time had to have been sexually selecting a few alpha males and sharing these lucky few men with other women. The researchers hypothesize that the transition from hunting/gathering to agriculture allowed a few men to accumulate a lot of resources, possibly by exploiting the labors of less ambitious or aggressive men. This naturally aroused many women who as a sex are instinctively drawn to powerful men who can provide a bounty for their future family.

A notable geneticist, Greg Cochran, objected that the study failed the plausibility test. He figures that at the worst of runaway female hypergamy (or premature male deaths), 80% of men made it to the bang and the follow-up banglet.

Such a society would be like the famous car-wash scene in Cool Hand Luke – all the time.

Whatever the disparity in the reproduction ratio, it is evident that throughout history more women than men reproduced. If this were not so, other selection pressures (e.g., child mortality) would have to take up the slack for the loss of a major driver of human evolution.

What is also evident is that the dawn of civilization has had a dampening effect on female hypergamy. Civilization requires engaged and committed beta males. Lots of them. A sex market that radically disenfranchised a big chunk of those betas would sabotage any civilizational momentum. Severe sex restrictions and runaway female hypergamy can exist in a state of nature, but putatively only for short periods of time. Entrenched and unrestricted female hypergamy would sexually and reproductively dispossess too many men and remove the ROI foundation upon which advanced societies are built.

So civilization and its dampening effect on female hypergamy selects for women who perhaps are more averse to sharing an alpha male, less averse to settling with a beta male, or sufficiently sexually muted to resist the orgasmic promise of pump and dump sex with a harem leader. (The reader is free to draw up a compare and contrast chart with present-day Europe and Africa.)

Not to mention civilization provides a reproductive safety net that was unimaginable in the preindustrial world. That safety net goes a long way to evening the reproductive playing field between men and women.

Nevertheless, civilization is not a perfect tamer of the sloot. There are still more postindustrial age men locked out of the sexual gratification market, and to a lesser degree from the procreative market.

In more recent history, as a global average, about four or five women reproduced for every one man.

Now of course there are two variables in this sex market equation: procreation and fornication. Just because the procreation ratio may be close to equal doesn’t mean the fornication ratio is as egalitarian. Birth control, penicillin, and social sanction have permitted a long, premarital flourishing of a consequence-free open legs sexual market, aka the cock carousel. And within that market, one may reasonably observe a minority of alpha men monopolizing a majority of pussy, particularly the choicest pussy.

While civilization has been good for beta male family formation, it has not been so generous for beta male furrow incursion. Settling for a post-prime, high cock count gogrrl in her 30s to pop out 2.1 kids may brighten up the genetic balance sheet nicely, but it doesn’t do much for the abacus of self-worth that animates a beta male’s id. He has procreated….but at great cost to his ego’s ledger of lifetime pleasure.

Given this sex disparity reality, we may say that in the modern, “civilized” sexual market, there are two parallel mating systems: the enforced marital one and the single lady free-for-all. In the wall-approaching marital market, women settle and satisfy their evolved hypergamous compulsion with clitlit and cheating. In the sexually liberated anonymously atomized urban cock carousel market, you have the 20-80 bang ratio rule in effect: 20% of men drinking the milk of 80% of the cows (which they bequeath to their beta brethren to nuptially purchase at fire sale prices).

Any computational geneticist would say beta males win out under civilized conditions, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story of the hardened hearts and blue-ish balls that these beta bux must endure for a good portion of their most sexually…insistent…years. I have argued in these pages that the current sexual market configuration is unsustainable for just this reason; generations of dispirited betas missing out on prime pussy, even if they get the consolation prize of an older wife and two kids, will eventually erode societal bonhomie and lead to civilization eating itself. Eating its seed porn, if you will.

Civilization tames the sloot, but only reproductively. Carnally, the civilized woman is no more tamed than her preindustrial forebear. Ironically, civilization in the process of guaranteeing beta males a place at the procreative table may have unleashed women from pre-civilization restrictions on their sexuality, giving women a sexual bounty of alpha males — and a larger pool of beta males to reject — that they would not have in a world without birth control, abortion, penicillin, dissolved community oversight, or social acceptance and even glorification.

The question begging for an answer is this: How long can modern civilization accommodate both beta male reproductive success and beta male sexual isolation? Both female resource exploitation of beta males and female sexual wantonness with alpha males?

One thing is certain: the current system configuration is a boon to, and the reason for, men with Game. Western women are now culturally, economically, and perhaps cognitively optimized to disregard negative consequences from casual sex and to ignore potential risks from “hookups”, while simultaneously readjusting their mate value calculator to de-emphasize the beta male traits of dependability and resource hoarding. Into this steamy, globalized and civilized sex market stew the charming jerkboy strides confidently, knowing no pregnancy threat, angry father, or watchful town squire with a genetic kinship to more than a filament’s worth of his neighbors’ DNA is there to stop him from plundering and ghosting and plundering again.

Weak men create HARD times, indeed.


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