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Twatterer City_DayGame passes along his version of Trump Game, suggesting that there is a rich new vein of text game to exploit by summoning the power of Trump.


Bestride the sexual market with the spectre of Trump at your side, and never go thirsty again.

A quick count of all the little alpha male cues of high mate value that are evident in this short text exchange:

  • ZFG (Trump opener right outta the gate)
  • Shit test nuke (He responded to her “gross” remark with a pitch perfect “pussygrab” voltage amplifier)
  • humor (‘shopped video clip)
  • Rapport break + assume the sale (“remind me are you a wine or cocktails kinda girl?”)
  • Leads the interaction to a meet (“I’ll explain why I’m glad Trump won over cocktails”)

This was a master class in Trump Game. Not all iterations of Trump Game will sound like this one, but they will all share the same themes: proud ZFG Trump support and provocation, shit test destruction, unshakeable frame, and bold leadership. The God Emperor would approve.


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