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Every intimation is a conspiracy until reality proves otherwise. And reality is rapidly proving the existence of a government-corporate globohomo alliance conspiracy against dissident thinkers (aka the alt-right). whorefinder is on it (again),

Look, I am hesitant to bring this up, but I plan on shutting down my blog/disappearing the whorefinder moniker in the near future.

Why? I’ll explain in my final blog post when the time comes, but basically it comes down to two things: (1) Comey’s July 5th press conference refusing to recommend that Hillary be indicted and (2) I finally watched the documentary on Edward Snowden and read up on just what the U.S. government is currently doing to its own citizens via violating their Fourth Amendment rights.

I will expand upon it on my future final blog post, but understand that we–as in the Alt-Right—are under heavier surveillance than you can imagine. And it is the Alt-Right—-and not ISIS, Al-Queda, BLM, Black Panthers, immigrants, or dirty politicians—who are the targets. And that is truly frightening.

This slow-moving purge is just the start, especially if President Trump’s coronation is shut down by a coup or an assassination. Hillary foolishly named the Alt-Right as her enemy to the national public; she was hoping to polarize us into an enemy, but she gave us a head start.

Even if President Trump gets into office, this Deep State will hammer him in a way that will make Nixon’s takedown seem positively pleasant. And even if President Trump is successful at curbing immigration and clamping down a bit, the apparatus (as Snowden has shown) is still in place and will outlast him.

I’ll let you all know when the blog is disappearing. Watch your back brothers, and MAGA.

I predicted a crackdown of thought criminals by the social media companies would intensify one month before the election, and that is what appears to be happening. Trump is a threat to the global world order, but more importantly Trump’s rise and victory would be an utter invalidation of the leftoid HiveEgo. The human ego is the strongest force in the universe and to think it would cede mental territory without a fight to the metadeath is the height of naivete. Shiv artistes should be ready to upgrade to a scythe at a moment’s notice.


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