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The Purges Are Activated

Social media monopolies have begun large-scale purges of any and all effective pro-Trump voices using their platforms. CH was blocked two weeks ago from Twatter. Today, Ricky Vaughn got suspended (until further review post-election?). Apparently, Scott Adams was kicked off as well.

The night of the long knives is right on cue, one month before The Trumpening. Leftoids have lost the argument. Now they reach for the only weapon they have left: silencing.

Ah, but this is legal censorship. These are private companies, the leftoid sneers. Yes, I suppose it’s “legal”, which goes to show what a tenuous concept the legality of censorship can be when the information gateways are owned and controlled by six companies sharing an identical globalism worldview and shitlib equalism ideology.

Alternative information mediums such as Gab.ai are one answer to Hivemind directed purges of thought criminals. But that solution could takes years to develop viable competitors to the crumbling Narrative Megaphone. Another counterattack is depriving the tech oligarchs of their money; targeting celebrities and driving them away would eat a big hole in Twatter’s ad revenue. Faceborg and Spoogle likewise would suffer loss of power if consumers left them in droves. But getting there from here is a mountain of a challenge. Most attention whoring Americans couldn’t unplug from the Faceborg if a gun were to their heads.

What I think it’s going to take is an anti-trust lawsuit by President Trump’s DOJ to break up these media behemoths (including NPR) and breathe fresh air into their hermetically sealed shitlib echo chambers. And maybe a scandalous Wikileak or two on the private lives (and public machinations) of some of our gated community billionaire oligarchs.


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