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Hillary Clinton……excuse me, thecunt…..has made genital herpes acceptance part of her campaign.

You think I kid. I kid you not.

Hillary Clinton Thanks Woman for Shattering STI Stigma in A Powerful Letter

Hillary Clinton’s powerful letter to a 24-year-old writer living with genital herpes is striking a nerve on social media.

Dawson shared the letter in a Tuesday tweet, prompting a story on the Washington Post.

Clinton praised Dawson for speaking candidly about genital herpes and taking a stand against the hateful rhetoric that women often encounter on the internet.

“I am so grateful to you for not only speaking out against the stigma,” Clinton wrote, “but for also taking a courageous stand against the ridiculous, but very real, barrage of hate you received online.”

“The erosion of civil public discourse is one of the most concerning developments in our society today,” Clinton went on. “As you point out, the internet is not a friendly place for women, and you are not alone in facing the relentless onslaught of baseless, personal attacks.”

That’s the prematurely aging slut with genital herpes and the thousand-cock stare, on the left. Her name is Ella Dawson. (Twatter handle: @brosandprose) I have no problem revealing that, because neither does she. As a strong, empowered, and vaginally adventurous woman in The Current Year, she is very proud of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease, so proud that she wants everyone else to pat her on the back for fucking a battalion of dirty-dicked jerkboys (probably half of them black).

“I have never seen a politician understand the danger of the Alt-Right,” Dawson wrote. “It made me sad that a fringe hate community has become so central to American politics that a presidential candidate has to make a speech about them. But it also filled me with genuine, raw hope for the first time since I became an activist.”

Something’s raw with her, but it’s not hope.

“My work consists of raising awareness of STI stigma”

This is possibly the most Millennial feminist sentence ever written.

FYI, Ella, there’s a good reason why certain afflictions have a stigma. Dirty hos are stigmatized as a warning to other women who might be tempted to follow your path and acquire a petri dish of STDs and regret. Agitating to remove the STD stigma is an insult to people suffering from diseases that aren’t the result of poor life choices and low impulse control.

But hey if you really want to remove your genital herpes stigma, how about a centerfold of your chancrous cunt, the weepy labia spread for the world to admire? That’ll exorcise those man-hating demons inside you for good.

Enough of this attention whore. The real story here is Hillary Clinton aka Illary, who is now so mentally rekt by her neurological illness that she thinks genital herpes acceptance is a winning campaign issue.

How obtuse can a presidential candidate get? Who is this going to appeal to, besides bitter lonely feminists and their gayfag BFFs? Whatever she gains in xojane readers she loses fifty times as much in normal Americans who aren’t yet on board with the notion that the crotch diseases of street whores are worthy of the same sympathy as cancer patients.

Thecunt is going down in a landslide in November, and it will be because of her hubris, and the hubris of her shitlib feminist supporters, who live in a culture bubble and can’t conceive that millions of people think differently than they do, or that their shitlib project to ulcerate healthy human instincts isn’t yet a fait accompli. The alt-right Basket of Deplorables was the first gut punch they’ve received since wresting power of all the cultural megaphones, and they are reacting exactly how you’d predict a bloated, complacent piggish enemy to react: with squealing, impotent horror and rage.

The next beautiful shiv will be the killing blow.


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