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stevetirone takes the COTW trophy (a ball gag for your woman) with this astute comparison between the declining US auto industry of the 1970s and the declining US woman industry of the 2010s:

This is advanced fundamental market theory. The concept of the market itself is not devaluated simply because participants in the market fail to maximize their worth within it. Look at the American auto industry of the Seventies: the American Big Three auto manufacturers kept cranking out bloated, gimmick-laden, low-quality rolling monoliths because of the dynamics of industry politics and an effectively captive American auto-buying market. The Japanese came in with high-quality svelte gas-sippers, and were in place when an exogenous shock–the oil embargoes–overturned the market. Americans got yellow fever quick, because they couldn’t afford the costs of supporting road behemoths. American manufacturers were either forced out of business or forced to change their business models to survive.

Note the parallel behaviors of auto industry and modern women: being unable to compete with the Yellow Peril, they both attempted consumer shaming and governmental protection.

You don’t even have to summon a waifu to make this similarity between the old auto market and the new woman market work. Any thin White chick who doesn’t apologize for her “thin privilege” is practically demonized by today’s bloated, rolling American woman market. Consumer shaming has turned into man shaming (ugly feminists loathe male desire for a reason), and governmental protection of the old auto industry has become governmental set-asides and largesse for the new Unlovable Feminist Prerogative Industry.


COTW runner-up winner is Space Viking, making the important point that some odd sexual market behaviors can be explained by the Freudian concept of psychological projection.

the tattoos on women thing can actually be explained simply. women, like most men, are absolutely clueless about what the other sex finds attractive. just like the beta thinking that women only like pretty boys, because beauty is what he finds attractive, the woman thinks a tattoo will make her more desirable to men because shitty prison tats make her wet.

We all know that they are both wrong.

More evidence projection is at work in the sexual market:

Women thinking men value them for their smarts, humor, degrees, witty banter or, worst of all, sexual experience.

Men thinking women value them primarily for their muscular development, faithfulness, chastity, niceness or, worst of all, sensitivity.


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