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The transparency of media hivemind antagonism to Trump and, by extension, to White America, got me thinking about a similar undercurrent that pushes along any successful seduction.

That there’s media antagonism to their audience is inarguable. Examples of media doublethink and contemptuously glib violation of journalistic ethics abound, and Twatter renegades do a bang-up job showcasing them. One that immediately comes to mind is how the MSM treated Trump’s visit to flood-wracked Louisiana compared to how they reacted to W. Bush’s post-Katrina performance. W was denounced for “missing in action”, while Trump is denounced for “exploiting a tragedy for a photo op”.

When you’re up against this kind of Numbnuts Class bullshit artistry, the only response is all-out flame war; show the media the mount of respect they show regular Americans: less than zero.

The take-home point is that the leftoid media are skilled rhetoricians who have mastered the art of the reframe. Reframing is, as it happens, also a crucial Game concept, deployed whenever a woman shit tests a prospective suitor for signs of his alpha male essence. The reframe is an invaluable pickup tool.

Interestingly, seductive reframing smoothly slips off the tongue when one isn’t emotionally invested in the girl (or group) being addressed. It’s the same reason the media is able to so effortlessly reframe everything they communicate through an anti-White distortion field; 97% of shitlib media whores actively despise half of their audience (and probably more). This intrinsic antagonism for the occupied rubes provides a fertile mental field from which reframing subconsciously springs to action, hardly requiring any forethought to achieve maximally effective execution.

Consider the opposite: the beta male whose heart beats like a drum for a cute girl. He stumbles and often fails entirely to properly reframe teasing challenges from the girl, often failing so badly that he acquiesces to the girl’s frame and loses control of the interaction, essentially reduced to apologizing for her accumulating negative impression of him.

Reframing is exceedingly difficult when your interrogator is a sexual prize you feel an incredible compulsion to appease. Every fiber of your being resonates with the urge to avoid reframing in favor of accepting an anhedonic frame from a cute girl.

Media antagonism and their ease of reframing thus offers insight to the field of romance. It’s sometimes helpful for striving betas who want to do better with women (but don’t yet have the state control to sublimate their growly horniness) to view women as neutral parties, if not antagonistic adversaries. Putting the pussy on a pedestal is widely regarded the kiss of pickup death; the inverse — knocking the pussy off the pedestal and sneering at it with a stir of contempt as it lays on the ground — is, sadly for romantic idealists, an effective psychological reconfiguration that ironically raises women’s awareness of a man’s desirability.

I want to stress that regarding women as adversaries worthy of condescension until proven otherwise isn’t necessary to successfully seduce them, but it is better than sucking up to women. If you are a beta male who struggles with practical application of the reframe concept, you would improve your results with a simple change to your mental outlook. View women as occupied rubes ready to lap up your agit-cock, and reframing their shit tests and princess-primed expectations will come as easy to you as does reframing every story through the anti-White filter to the duplicitous, vile media apparatchiks.

Once you have taken the Crimson Pill, you won’t any longer need this psy ops crutch of making enemies of who are in reality neutral parties to navigate the dating market and women’s limbic landscape. Your self-confidence will surge with each sparkle of a new girl’s eye and that will grant you a reservoir of effortless reframing that you can tap with every girl, even the special snowflakes who ping your major histocompatibility index.


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