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One of the better attempts to describe the occasionally shape-shifting alt-right political platform that I’ve read comes from an anonymous source who devised the following “Nine Theses” infographic.

All nine points are winning soundbites to quietly rebelling White (and black-American) voters. One could quibble on the details of each thesis — for instance, I wouldn’t say the alt-right rejects (or should reject) any immigration in perpetuity, so much as it rejects racially and religiously incompatible immigration in high numbers — but the general thrust of the Nine Theses alt-right message is unassailable.

I don’t think any anti-SCALE missionaries would find fault with this platform, either. It’s strongly anti-globalism (and against all related social upheavals that globalist traitors foist on societies) and, most importantly, gives no quarter to the blank slate, leftoid equalism forces of culture destruction and anti-White humiliation porn. It’s bold, brash, and unyielding, all traits from which the useless cuckservative me-too-ist establishment recoils, like they do from health inspector oversight of their favorite bathhouses.

CH appreciates the shout-out as well. After all, the inaugural Chateau post (pre-dating all thoughtcrime Realtalkers except the venerable Steve Sailer) could justifiably qualify as a proto-alt-right blast of social realism. So we Stewards of the Shiv have been feeling a little left out of the recent alt-right foam party, though on reflection we don’t mind too much. The low media profile of this ‘umble outpost keeps Hillary’s good squad off our backs.


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