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A DHV, for the new recruits, means Demonstration of Higher Value. It’s shorthand for the observable fact that women are romantically intrigued by men who occupy higher social or lifestyle status than they do.

On that intro, reader ReedAndLEWIS writes,

Been using this line in person and online to great results after we have some rapport and she says something that could be considered as a joke

“ha let me get your number now before i lose interest”

The best courtship teasing has sharp edges. You want to walk right up to that line of obnoxious jerkboy entitlement, and sometimes cross it. Chicks dig the ZFG man.

I really like this line because it accomplishes two bedroom-redirecting goals: it’s got just the right amount of asshole-y self-regard and immunity to reflexive appeasement, and it implies a surfeit of snapper choice. Girls will wonder, “Who does he think he is that he could possibly lose interest in ME?!” Then their hamsters will squeak, “Maybe he’s used to having a full dance card”, and that will be the pussy power surge that sends them to bed feverishly dreaming about you.

Flip the seduction script. Most men are chasers of women. You are chased by women. And women love it.


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