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The ideology of nonjudgmentalism, primarily held by women, is better understood as female guilt transference of their secret desire to be judged. Women WANT a man who will judge them and make them feel if not unworthy at least short of perfection. This provides a pretext for the woman to prove herself to the man, which she will love doing because the act of pleasing arouses in a woman the feeling that the person she’s pleasing is above her and therefore deserving of her efforts. And though women will never admit it on self-report surveys, they get quite turned on by the challenge of satisfying a man who occupies a higher station than them.

With that in mind, here’s Twisted Alpha (Twatter handle @Twisted_Alpha) writing about a form of judgmentalism that women can’t resist,

scoreboard game. arbitrarily giving points for good behavior

He attached this screenie:

Adding or subtracting “points” from a woman’s conversational prowess (or even physical/sexual prowess) is a classic Game routine, and illustrates very well the theory of Qualification/Disqualification. There’s a reason Qualification is such an important Game technique: it works, and it works fast. Why does it work? In two words, female hypergamy. A magistrate is sexier than a sycophant.

So if you’re searching for a rhetorical ploy that will coax girls to aim to please you, try Scoreboard Game. And don’t be afraid to deduct points for bitchy or excessively coy behavior. The impact will be lost if you revert to the beta male norm of awarding hundreds of points to women for the accomplishment of possessing a vagina.


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