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Anime Jerkboy Game

Recall this post about the online otome (“maiden”) game, a female porn app which hooks up human women with their perfect anime boyfriend. The most requested anime boyfriend is the “sadistic but charismatic” jerkboy, best represented by the anime character Eisuke Ichinomiya.

On Eisuke’s character profile, he is billed in glittering pink and purple script as a “cold-hearted narcissist.” His quote is “I’m going to make you mine. And you don’t get to say no.”

One of the Chateau’s intrepid readers, Paolo, decided to try out Eisuke Ichinomiya Game in real life.

I tried “Eisuke Ichinomiya” game, straight up jerkboy game. Most efficient opener I’ve ever tried.


This is what happened next…

There’s nothing like a twist ending. /sarcasm

Cut out the chit chat fat and streamline your seductions. Anime jerkboy game ftw!


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