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From a comment to a New York Beta Times article about “gender equity”.

Otis E Plainfield, Tx The College of The Permian Basin

Peter Drucker, in his famous essay Managing Oneself, advised strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses, only by improving your strengths. In broader socio-economic terms, we have given women the opportunity to build on their weaknesses (ability to compete against men) and discouraged them from capitalizing on their strengths (youth and fertility). They compete through artifices of fairness and inclusion that are borne on the backs of an ever-dwindling pool of male supporters. We have weakened society as a whole by building on women’s weaknesses in attempts to make them the equal of men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths. And while this charade is going on, men are encouraged to adopt feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy.

Fucking hardcore. Otis is awarded a VIP guest pass to the Chateau (if he wasn’t already a secret visitor).

This project to turn women into men and men into women won’t end well. But it will end, either in a pyre of societal disintegration or pinned under the sword of better men (and women). Nature doesn’t tolerate for long social experimentation at odds with Her directives.


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