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Single momhood is up. The marriage rate is down. The age of first marriage is up. And the divorce industrial complex provides incentives to women to shatter marriages that would have survived similar rough patches not too long ago.

What does this distressed state of frayed affairs portend for America? How about a rapid and continual shift in the electorate toward Leftism and all its attendant social ills.

Why have women become Left-Wing? The political gender gap and the decline in marriage.

The last three decades have witnessed the rise of a political gender gap in the United States wherein more women than men favor the Democratic party. We trace this development to the decline in marriage, which we posit has made men richer and women poorer. [ed: this is not necessarily true. controlled analysis of actual living standards post-divorce support a less financially stable position for men. and the *perception* of financial gain matters; women perceive, due to legal incentives, that they will gain more in a divorce.] Data for the United States support this argument. First, there is a strong positive correlation between state divorce prevalence and the political gender gap—higher divorce prevalence reduces support for the Democrats among men but not women. Second, longitudinal data show that following marriage (divorce), women are less (more) likely to support the Democratic party.

Divorced men don’t stop voting Democrat because they are in a better financial position than they were in marriage; rather, they stop voting Democrat because the Democrat Party supports the whole panoply of anti-male feminist policy preferences that tilt the divorce playing field against men’s interests. Burn a divorced man once, shame on him. Burn him twice….

The real reason single women — pre-marriage and post-divorce — more strongly support the Shitlib Party is because they are biologically compelled to seek a male provider and his resources when they are mate-less. If no dependable or asset-rich man is available, then single and divorced women, and especially single moms with future juvenile delinquent and roadside stripper mouths to feed, will seek resources from the best available alternative: Big Daddy Government.

Consequently, as the nation loads up with more sex and the city mimosaettes and platitude-quaffing obese single moms of mystery meats, the bigger government will grow to satisfy the demand for more free first date dinners of dem welfare programs. And that is how the culture substrate changes absent any widespread genetic changes in the population, (which will follow not long after a massive and prolonged culture change).

Moral of the SCIENCE!: Female suffrage was a big mistake.


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