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Fash Game

Reader Agree&Amplify (@angreeandamp) explores the rich vein of possibilities in an emerging discipline of pickup tactics: Fash Game.

Opener: “Hitler did nothing wrong”

Spoke some French

Told her I wasn’t kidding.

Fasc’ Game

Fash, or fasc’, is short for fascism. The brass balled right co-opted the term to infuriate shitlibs who wanted to maintain exclusive use of it as a limp-wristed slur against their foes ad infinitum.

The black concealing blotch at the bottom looks like a dick.

All chicks adore a dominant man (read: a man who controls the frame). The particulars of fascist ideology may or may not be expressly dominant in a pickup context, but holding fascist views in the current SJW climate — and proudly, uncuckedly so — is an alpha power move.

I bet a lot of White women are secretly yearning and waiting to be escorted over to the dank side, but being women they won’t do it themselves. Too risky, and that’s not reproductively optimal from their genes’ point of view. They need a game-savvy man to show them the way; not a cucked yes-beta to give them excuses to remain Narrative schoolmarms.

PS Fash Game works even if you’re appropriating the term semi-ironically. The key is an unflinching delivery. Ambiguity is a seduction amplifier.


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