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Mother Nature, in Her infinite and glorious wisdom, has not only provided for the defense of White women against mating out of the White race, She has additionally provided a back-up defense for those White women who mistakenly defy their hindbrain instincts to conceive with a Swarth. (h/t don)

Prematurity and Low Birth Weight as Potential Mediators of Higher Stillbirth Risk in Mixed Black/White Race Couples […]

Mixed race black and white couples face higher odds of prematurity and low birth weight, which appear to contribute to the substantially higher demonstrated risk for stillbirth. There are likely additional unmeasured factors that influence birth outcomes for mixed race couples.

It’s almost as if Nature knows something that shitlibs don’t. Fancy that!

Nature is sending us a message that no one tits-deep in the Equalist Narrative wants to hear: There are deeply instinctive, natural biomechanical processes bequeathed by Our Lord Above (and probably Below) to humanity that encourages discrimination against out-race mating (conception) and, should that barrier fail, against out-race live birth (replication). Nature is LITERALLY expelling stillborn mulattoes and quadroons from the womb chutes of White women.

Now that you know this ugliest of truths, ask yourselves, “Why are certain inimical (((groups))) pushing the White-Black miscegenation propaganda so hard?” The answer to that question rivals the ugliness of the question’s premise.


The Audacity of YUUGE issues a correction.

Low birth weight and stillborn risk were both found to go BB -> BW -> WW. This doesn’t necessarily suggest hybrid enfeeblement but it does suggest that “hybrid vigor” is bullshit (at least on these metrics). It shows that when it comes to characteristics that blacks are at higher risk of than whites are, mixed people fall in between blacks and whites. Stillbirth risk for mixed couples was found to be closer to the BB average than the WW average, but for premies/low birthweight mixed was closer to WW than to BB. In both cases, mixed falls in between BB and WW. The moral of the story is still the same–whites mixing with blacks is bad for whites. But it’s good or at least neutral for blacks, so it’s celebrated.

He’s right. Of course, it still means that White women who mudshark assume a higher risk of delivering premies/stillborns than they would have if they stuck to their own race. And they should be made aware of these risks by family, friends, and doctors. In so many colorful words. Heh.

I have a confession. This post was a sadistic troll of the usual cuckspects. The title, and the gusto with which the study findings were, ahem, flexibly presented, were deliberately provocative. As long as CH isn’t on anyone’s payroll, this blog is allowed the occasional prankster indulgence. I’m such a steenker!


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