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The 2015 Punchable Shitlib Face Tournament semifinals are over, and Dylan Matthews soundly defeated Matty Yglesias in Bout 1, while Pajamaboy BARELY eked out a win over Lindsey “GayPedoFace” Graham.

McKay Coppins waits in the wings for his chance at taking more punches to the face than Dylan Gaytthews.

Finals, Preliminary Bout: Dylan Matthews vs McKay Coppins

What’s he looking at so suspiciously? Ah yes, the black man approaching him from a quarter mile away.

Fivehead, four eyes, three chins, two T cells, one punchable shitlib.

The winner of this preliminary finals bout will advance to the championship slumber party pillow fight with none other than Pajamaboy! I can’t wait, how about you?


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