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Mudsharks. Coal burners. Smoke jumpers. Daughters of Single Moms. Perhaps you know them as open-minded progressives. Normal people who don’t get a thrill up their legs signaling their antiracism righteousness know them as trash with daddy issues and destroyers of thousands of years of genetic legacy that produced the pinnacle in human aesthetics.

There are, by Heartistian analysis, three kinds of mudsharks.

The Fatty

Upwards of 80% of white women who date black men are low class, all trash fatties who couldn’t get White men and had to settle for a dindu. This is fact, and it is backed up by more than idle observation. See here, for instance.

In a way, this commingling of the dregs at the bottom of the American dating market would accrue beneficially to White society (or what’s left of it) if mudsharks had a below replacement-level fertility. Black men appear to have a much higher tolerance for riding rolls of blubber, especially if the blubber is an alabaster hue. Fat white women get their dusky dick (although they feel horrible about it afterwards, even though they will never admit to this feeling). And the White race expunges its least genetically fit members from the reproductive pool, ensuring water quality remains crystal clear and free of high mutation loads.

Fat white women, just like their slender sisters, would, of course, prefer the love of White men. But they are unwanted by White men with anything on the ball, and for some White fatties, slumming it out-of-race beats involuntary solitude. The psychology of the Fatty Mudshark is therefore a simple one: Burn the coal, or suffer alone. Later, she’ll pay the toll, but the fatty isn’t exactly known for her forward-thinking ability.

The fatty, naturally, will rationalize her mudsharking as her choice, and will couch her blatant rationalization in terms she thinks will incite the maximum discomfort in the White men she can’t get, (e.g., “I got me a STUD”, “SO good to finally get fucked by a BIG DICK”, “Once you go black you don’t go back”, etc.) but which will in fact only incite further pity and sadistic mockery from White men.

The Zookeeper

5% of mudsharks are zookeepers. The zookeeper is a thrill-seeker and a control freaker. She gets a dopamine rush from taming the menacing masculine mandingo. (His masculine menace could be real, or an exaggerated perception conditioned by relentless cultural propaganda.) I’ve seen these types of white women lead their black lovers around by the nose, sometimes barking orders like a drill sergeant, training them as if they were a dangerous dog needing domestication. The black boyfriend obeys, but always with a dissolute air of “I could cut this bitch” as he carries out her instructions.

This type of girl will go for the darkest, largest and most simian-looking of dindus, to maximize the menace he projects and the satisfaction she gets being able to transport a human violence payload around like she was piloting a B1 bomber. The Zookeeper doesn’t fit as clear-cut a pattern for her genus: she can be a thin, manjawed lawyercunt-type living large and in charge in the city, or a white trash fatty with a nasty personality, or a miscegenation true-believer neohippie who makes beaded jewelry.

Zookeepers may be born that way, but I believe many turn to the dark side after discouraging experiences dating pushover White betas whom they assumed would hold up under the pressure of their ridiculous expectations. These women are not very feminine, (even if they are bangable), so they couldn’t extract LTRs from the take-no-shit alpha White men with options they really want. The black guy then substitutes in the role of the leashed beast for the Zookeeper.

The F YOU DAD Brat

You can sum up the psychology of this category of mudshark with two sentences:

“My daddy was never around.”


“Show me on the doll where your stepdad touched you.”

The F YOU DAD Brat is about 15% of the total mudshark population, yet their existence compels an out-sized apprehension in SWPL culture, because it is this mudshark species who swims among the White limp-wrist hipster betas struggling to get laid without resorting to the waifu fallback. She is almost always a petite, cute, tatted-up skank with odd piercings and colored hair. She is usually thin, sometimes chubby, never too fat or homely to write off as dead weight loss to the White race. Therefore, her race cuck transgression hits White hipster dudes a lot harder than would the same from a trailer park fatty or a grating, six foot tall lawyercunt.

Adding to the SWPL hipster dude angst is the fact that in a lot of cases, the kind of black guy the F YOU DAD Brat dates is the complete opposite of them: loping orcs with under-70 IQs belched from the deepest pit of the ghetto. The SWPL hipster dude with the weak shitlib jawline and watery bambi eyes experiences a powerful blow to his self-confidence when he sees the cute hipsterettes he feels are his birthright getting into the mud with monsters who populate his worst nightmares.

Maybe even worse for the SWPL man’s sense of self-worth are the mudsharking pixies who date blacks closer to the fey president butt naked mold than to the Anferqueevius Heagoodboi mold. When he sees a couple like that, he thinks to himself, “she wants a guy just like me in personality and social assimilation, but with the SWPL cred that comes with dating a black guy.” The waifu option starts to look better and better.

Most F YOU DAD Brats will grow out of their neurotic compulsion to get back at their emotionally absent or psychologically weak white beta fathers through the weaponized psy ops of black boyfriends, but some will stick it out to the mudshark monocle end. The white girls who leave that mudshark life behind should know that they are forever tainted by their past indiscretions, and any White beta male who feels impotent enough to settle for her after she has passed her prime nubility years will secretly resent any black dick that soiled her, and this private spite will manifest in various behaviors that gnaw at and sour the relationship.


There is one other class of white women who date blacks, but they are so few in number that it’s fine to dismiss them as anything but a curio. These are the hottie white women who date truly accomplished, wealthy, or famous blacks (as you know, this is an extremely niche market with low supplies). They are more interesting as real world evidence of what kind of women black men with nearly unlimited sexual market options choose for long-term partners.


Most mudshark relationships have very limited shelf lives, pursued as they are by white women for Freudian ego assuaging reasons that fall apart once the reality of mudsharking hits them… square in the eye. But it should be noted that a tiny percentage are legitimately loving and stable relationships; these odds-defying exceptions are invariably pairings between chubby, shy white women and mulattoes with decent jobs, academic credentials, and temperaments more aligned with White behavioral norms than with black behavioral norms.


An important coda to this post: Readers will doubtless ask, “Is mudsharking on the rise?”

Factually, I don’t know. (Census Bureau data show that mixed-race couple have increased in number 28% over the past decade.) Anecdotally, it’s definitely my impression than in the past few years I’ve seen more white woman-black man couples, and this isn’t simply a result of an increased awareness on my part of the social phenomenon. So apparently, runaway Diversity™ and the media miscegenation propaganda that goes along with it are having an effect on the delicate psyches of White women.

However, mudsharking, in absolute terms, is still a small percentage of total romantic couplings, and there is strongly suggestive evidence that it will remain so for the foreseeable future. The vast majority of White women continue to have a powerful romantic preference for White men, so it’s still safe to say that mudsharks are not the norm and are accurately assessed as damaged goods with mental and emotional stability issues.

PS I’m also noticing more WM-BF couples (though not as many as there are WF-BM couples), so maybe the race mixing propaganda really is starting to stick in the heads of more impressionable whites, or of whites more susceptible to the ego rewards from status whoring for multikult shitlib points. Or maybe the American sexual market is experiencing a paradigm shift that is creating more opportunities, or need, for mudsharking and oil drilling.


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