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Suicidally Stupid Shitlibs

The streams of leftoid memes are beginning to cross. One minute, shitlibs are crowing about normal people “fearing Syrian refugees who are widows and orphans”, the next they’re calling Trump a fascist and letting the world know how scared they are of the Rise of His Excellency.

Now that Trump has opened the Overton Window wider than a cuckservative’s anus by promising to close the borders to Muslim immigration until further notice (never), the shitlib circus has rolled into town and pulled out the stops. For instance, here’s The Economist’s latest cover:

Call me crazy, but shooting innocent people in learning disability centers and concert halls falls more squarely in the realm of “playing with fear”. And what Trump proposes – keeping out the sort of people prone to playing with fear – is the exact opposite: a practical solution to reduce fearfulness.

But that’s the thing with suicidally stupid shitlibs claiming with their last breaths to love the idea of importing the third world while paying top dollar to live in gentrified neighborhoods bereft of all their totemic muddy imports: they have to abuse language and deny the meaning of words to get any moral traction with their fellow self-righteousness whores. If they spoke plainly, they wouldn’t be able to hold the positions they do without appearing utterly insane. (they are, regardless)

The shitlib insists closing the borders to groups of people whose culture and race are alien to Western Civ is a sign of fear, when the non-shitlib knows in his gut it’s common sense. It isn’t brave to stand in the path of a speeding train; it’s suicidally stupid. And it isn’t fearful to avoid unnecessary entanglements with hot-headed, ingrate foreigners; it’s prudent.

So for the typical language-mangling shitlib, “prudence” becomes “fear”, and “suicidal stupidity” becomes “nuance”, “tolerance”, or “love“.



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